Four Foods On Friday #26

Here is the Four Foods On Friday for this week. This is a great meme to be a part of. You don’t have to have a cooking blog to join in either! The only thing I would change is that I like it when the fourth question is a recipe better. I get a lot of good ideas from others!

#1. When going out to dinner what items do your order? Appetizers, soup, salad, dinner, dessert. When we are with the kids, we get dinner and then leave. When it’s just my husband and I, we get the whole nine yards.
#2. How predictable are you when eating out? Do you usually order a meal that you’ve had before or do you like to try new things? Very predictable. I always order the same thing.
#3. When eating at a restaurant, what beverage do you like to order with your meal? Sprite or a strawberry margarita.
#4. Name a meal that you ate at a restaurant that you liked so much you tried to recreate it, as well as the name of the restaurant and the recipe. Honestly, I am not a good enough cook to even try to recreate anything.