Pepperidge Farm Vanilla Goldfish Grahams

When asked if I wanted to try the new flavor of Goldfish crackers, I jumped at the chance. My kids absolutely love Goldfish. It’s a cracker they’ve both had since they were little. We have a Pepperidge Farm Outlet store a couple blocks from us and it is not unusual to see me heading there to get one of those huge boxes of fishes.

What did my kids think of the Vanilla flavor of Goldfish? They loved them! Instead of tasting like a cracker, these goldfish taste much more like a cookie — a really good cookie. I even found my husband sneaking a couple of handfuls of these from the kids!  The Vanilla Grahams are made with whole grains and real vanilla. They also contain no artificial preservatives and less than 10% of a servings calories are from saturated fat.

As a fan of Pepperidge Farm Crackers, they had a high standard to meet.  These crackers crush that, and I highly recommend getting a bag of these for your house!

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