Angie’s Kettle Corn

I love popcorn.  When I found out Angie’s Kettle Corn, was coming to Chicago, I was super excited.

Angie’s only uses 4 ingredients in their popcorn. Yes, only 4. They use popcorn, corn oil, cane sugar, and sea salt. Since they use only these four ingredients, there are no trans-fats, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, and no allergens. It is also gluten free and Kosher certified. Honestly, this popcorn is nothing like any other popcorn you’ve had. It’s sweet yet salty. I don’t know how they do it.  We easily finished off a bag here in one night!  (Let me add, the whole family was eating it.  However, I probably could finish off the bag myself, because it’s that good!)

You can find Angie’s Kettle Corn at SuperValu owned grocery stores, CostCo, Hy-Vee, Lunds/Byerlys, Kowalski’s, SuperTarget, Whole Foods, and online.  Go get some — it’ll be the best popcorn you’ve ever had!