Cooking For Geeks

Can I just tell you how much I love this book? It has to be one of the coolest cookbooks out there. I’m serious. Not only does it have recipes for you to try in here, but it explains the science of it too.  It tell you the “how” and the “why” which is just what a geek and a kitchen newbie need and want.  Cooking For Geeks will inspire you to be more creative in the kitchen, because you understand how things work instead of just throwing it all together. However, as cool as the science of cooking is, the interviews are the best! There are interviews with researchers, food scientists, knife experts, chefs, and writers!  My favorite interview has to be with Adam Savage from Mythbusters.  His answers just made me laugh (you’ll  have to read the book about what myths about roadkill he’d love to do!).

This is a book for everyone — the kid going to college, a novice in the kitchen, and even somebody who has been cooking for 30 years.  I can guarantee you will learn something by reading Cooking For Geeks!

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