Dinosaur Train Easter Fun Giveaway!

This giveaway is now over. The winner is Emma Horton. Congrats!

What do many kids think about come Easter time? Eggs! In addition to filling Easter baskets this year with chocolate Easter bunnies and yellow chicks from the store, why not get the entire family together to make homemade treats that everyone can enjoy! It’s even more fun when you can decorate them with your favorite Dinosaur Train characters! How about baking a cake in the shape of an Easter egg and decorate it with the Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating set or top yummy cupcakes with Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings, featuring Buddy and Tiny, from DecoPac.

And in the spirit of the Easter egg hunt tradition, Dinosaur Train offers a new twist! Available now, young fans can watch the characters from Dinosaur Train hatch from their eggs and grow 4x their size with Hatchers! It’s simple, easy fun…Just place the egg in water and wait for it to crack! (It will take 24-48 hrs, so make sure they don’t sit in front it waiting for it hatch like my kids did. LOL) My kids have done this, and they thought it was pretty cool! The dinosaur that comes out can be shrunk and grown several times — you just have to stick it back in the water!

There is also a Dinosaur Train Eggspress application, now for iPhone, iPod and iPad ($2.99), challenges your child to find and match dinosaur eggs and then reunite dinosaur families while progressing through three different time periods. Your child will discover real flora and fauna from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras. Along the way, there will be learning moments as Buddy and the Conductor reveal mystery dinosaur hatchlings, fun dinosaur facts, and an adorable Dinosaur Baby Book.
To celebrate the Easter holiday with Dinosaur Train, I have arranged a set of Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating set and Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings from DecoPac to be given to one lucky reader! Here’s what you need to do:

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