How to Find Hot Kitchen Gadgets at Reasonable Prices

A little help in the kitchen never hurt anyone and finding the right gadgets to fit the bill is always a welcome addition. Unfortunately many gadgets are not only expensive but can be a challenge to find if you do not know what to look for or where to find it. Here are a few ways you may be able to locate some hot kitchen gadgets at reasonable prices.

This website guides you to where you can purchase a nice variety of unique items that are sure to spark interest from anyone witnessing your culinary skills. Type ‘cheap kitchen gadgets’ into the ‘Find Entries’ search bar. Some featured gadgets are:

  • Animal House Monkey Peeler – At only eight dollars, this amusing little peeler sports a monkey hanging from a branch. The branch is the peeler which works very well on potatoes, carrots and any other vegetable or fruit. It is also an easy lure to get the kids to help out in the kitchen.
  • Polder Digital Hourglass Timer – As described this is a smart looking digital timer in the shape of a retro-sand-hourglass piece. It includes a stopwatch, hundred minute timer and a clock. It comes in three colors, has a loud alarm and can simply be turned over (just like the old sand timers) to switch between timer and clock. All these features for fifteen bucks.
  • Oven Rack Guard – These washable rack guards were developed from the same material firefighters use to avoid burns and costs about eighteen bucks.

With a similar name to the previously mentioned site, this hub (based out of England) also steers you in the right direction for reasonably priced usable odd kitchen gadgets. Again, use the search bar typing in ‘home’ or ‘kitchen’ gadgets. Note: Some of the prices here (although reasonable) are in pounds so you may want to punch them into a money convertor calculator easily found online or on most cell phones. Some examples found on this site are:

  • The PoachPod – This is a nifty little silicone type of bowl that floats on the surface of boiling water. Crack your egg into it and poach away.
  • Salt and Power Shakers – These are salt and pepper shakers in the shape of D size batteries. They sport a ‘power window’ to let you know when to refill and cost about eighteen dollars.
  • Koziol Torr Corkscrew – Shaped like a black bull this easy to use corkscrew is unique and practical.

Other Finds

  • Knork – A stainless steel knife and fork all in one from at twenty-four dollars for a set of four.
  • Dual Baster/Injector – It bastes and injects herbs, butter and anything else you desire your meat to savor. Ten dollars at
  • Three Tier Oven Rack – From at about twenty bucks comes this addition to inside your stove to make extra rack space for large, multiple cooking jobs.

Take your time and do a little research before running out to the store to find the next hottest kitchen item. A little bit of effort and patience can go a long way when it comes to fitting out your kitchen without breaking the bank!


    About the Author: Tony Snapt is an ultrasound tech and enjoys writing educational career guides for those in the medical field. When he’s not working, he’s in the kitchen whipping up amazing new dishes with whatever gadgets and ingredients he can find – both old and new!