Healthy Steps Produce Savers

There is nothing worse than throwing away rotten produce or having your onions and potatoes sprouting.  I know that we have all been there.  I know my personal issue is that I throw my potatoes and onion under the sink and then completely forget I put them there.  I forget that I want to use them.

The Healthy Steps Produce Saver bags keep light away from your potatoes and onions.  The breathable fabric allows produce to breathe and extends the shelf life of onions, carrots, garlic, mushroom, potatoes and more. The handy drawstring closure provides easy access to vegetables.  These bags are super easy to use too:  place produce into Produce Saver bag and tighten drawstring to close bag.  That’s it, and you can put your bag anywhere.  I now have mine in my pantry, and I know to use them!  The bag is hand wash only.

There are just so many benefits to eating fresh vegetables.  These Produce Saver Bags allow you to use your vegetables longer and who can’t use that?