Totino’s Pizza Stuffers

According to a recent survey by Totino’s Pizza Stuffers, two of every five moms (39%) said their kids’ snacks end up on their clothes, instead of in their mouths. Most moms (78%) have found a lost French fry in their cars while cleaning, and two-thirds (66%) have also found crackers or chips hiding during their car cleanouts. Totino’s Pizza Stuffers are here to save the day! A NEW tasty, on-the-go pizza snack that comes in a kid-friendly shape, they are designed to keep the filling inside instead of all over everything else.

Most importantly though — how do they taste? I personally like them. I tried the pepperoni ones, and for me, they make a great lunch on the go. I love that I can make them either in the microwave or the oven. They are also filling and compliment the brand well.  There are also four stuffers in each box.

They are easy to make and taste great. What more could you want?