Do your kids eat popsicles in the summer? Do you remember how much they cost and were trying to figure out how to make them at home? Well, I have found the perfect product for that!

Zoku is one of those items that you wonder why you didn’t think of. It is so simple yet so fun. Zoku is your quick pop maker. You literally put the orange container thing (or whatever color you chose for yours. Will’s favorite color is orange, and he loves popsicles) in your freezer. When you want a popsicle, you pull it out, put a plastic stick in, and pour in your juice. 7 – 9 minutes later you check on it, and you have a popsicle. Look –

It is seriously that easy! Zoku’s come in different sizes (1,2,3) which determine how many popsicles you can make at one time. My Zoku is just a single. However, on one freeze, I can make 3 popsicles. Since I only have 2 kids, that works out fine. 🙂 We have used various juices, koolaid, and Gatorade to make popsicles, and they all turned out great. My kids loved watching the Zoku make their popsicles. You can literally watch the juice freeze (and as an adult, I’ll even admit to doing some watching). You can even make two flavor popsicles (but my kids were happy with one, so we stuck to that). I don’t have the character kit, but that allows you to put faces on your popsicles. Now, how cool is that?

I can only recommend the Zoku. It’s a must have product for the hot summer!