TIP #5 for T-fal’s Healthy Summer Challenge – Get A Great Support System

I think to be successful at losing weight and being more healthy, you need to let people know what you are doing.  You also need to get your friends and family to buy into what you are doing.

If your friends and family know you are trying to be healthy, I have found that they are less likely to sabotage you.  Instead, they will stand behind you and be your cheerleader.  They will try and make it easier to make smart choices.  For me, my husband actually helps me find things to eat on the menu when we got out to eat.  He doesn’t bring my favorite chips (Doritos) into the house, because he knows they will tempt me.  He hasn’t complained too much about bringing in healthier foods to our house even though he can’t stand wheat bread.  (I buy him rye bread which is still healthier than white).

In my own experience, I have found that people cheering me on to making healthier decisions and losing weight has been a great motivator.  It keeps me honest and makes it less likely to cheat.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been able to lose the 58 pounds I have without everyone’s support.