Savory Pies

savorypiesWhen you think of pies you most likely think of desserts? However, this cookbook is full of Savory Pies you can eat for dinner instead!

Savory Pies is a full color cookbook that is packed with mouthwatering recipes for seasoned meats vegetables, and cheeses baked in flaky pie crusts. Tarts, galettes, cobblers, and hand pies are among the 60 savory pie recipes.

Delicious dishes include:

• Tomato Caprese Tart
• Braised Short Rib Shepherd’s Pie
• Chicken Pot Pie
• Asiago Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pie
• Duck Confit Taquito Pies
• Jerk-Spiced Caribbean Meat Patties
• Bite-Size Beef Wellingtons
• Chickpea Samosas with Spicy Mint Sauce
• Sweet Potato Tarte Tatin
• Crawfish & Corn Turnovers
• Chicken & Pistachio Phyllo Triangles
• Garlic and Rosemary Pizzettes
• Sausage and Red Pepper Polenta Cobbler
• Panang Vegetable Curry Pot Pies

There is literally something for everyone in here. I can only recommend this cookbook. Savory Pies shows that making mouthwatering meals sure to please any palate is as easy as pie.