The Dipr


Dunking just got a whole lot easier! The Dipr is a spoon that holds your sandwich cookie while you dip it in milk or any other liquid. The Dipr cradles the cookie by the cream and prevents it from crumbling when dunked.


This is truly one of those products that you hit yourself in the head and wonder why didn’t I think of that!


As you can see, my 5 year old had absolutely no problem using The Dipr. We actually had to hide the Oreos to get him to stop eating them, because this made it way too easy! 🙂 Kids of all ages will love The Dipr (that includes big kids too!). You also can’t have just one in your house, because everybody will want one! You also need a big supply of cookies, because your kids will want to try all different kinds too!

I highly recommend The Dipr. It is good fun!