Salt Sisters

IMG_1702I love a great brand with a great back story. Salt Sisters has just that. The brand name (s.a.l.t sisters) is an acronym for the owners’ four daughters: Sydney, Alexis, Lauren and Taylor. (I did ask if she planned that, and the answer was no that it just worked out that way!). Armed with the knowledge of the incredible benefits of unprocessed and unrefined sea salt she sourced and packaged a product under the s.a.l.t. sisters label and scheduled herself to appear at regional farmers markets each week to sell product in 2007. From those humble roots the product line grew in popularity and led to an expansion of its offerings in 2009. Thus, along with a strong portfolio of unrefined salt the company staked a claim in organic cane sugars (c.a.n.e), seasoning rubs (r.u.b.s), vanilla infusion kits (b.e.a.n), and natural herb blends (h.e.r.b). The wide ranging palate of the brand commanded the attention of a wholesale market and many discernible chefs. The products even received a nod from Giada De Laurentiis in a 2009 feature segment of holiday gift ideas for NBC’s TODAY show.

I recently was able to try out two of her products: Rubs (the Key West Seafood Rub) and Herb (Gourmet Blend of Sea Salt and Herbs). I can honestly say that these two product are some of the best I’ve ever tried. I literally can’t put into words how good they both were. You can see our chicken meal in the picture up above. Yes, pretty boring, but the herbs on the chicken just made the meal so good. There was just enough spice with a little kick. My kids even enjoyed it!

I love that they are committed to providing all natural and gluten free products with no MSG or preservatives. After trying these, I can wait to try other flavors in both those lines plus their salt, cane, bean, and more lines!

If I could give this better than 2 thumbs up, I would!