Epsilon Digital Kitchen Scale

Epsilon main Epsilon Digital Kitchen ScaleThe Epsilon digital kitchen scale features an award winning stainless steel design that is sure to look good in any kitchen. The scale even features a convenient curved back, allowing it to hang from a number of kitchen rack systems. The large platform and touch key panel are easy to clean as well – just wipe down with a damp cloth. A kitchen timer is also built-in for extra convenience.

I found this scale very easy to use and very accurate too. My kitchen is stainless steel, so it matches perfectly! I love being able to hang this scale, so I always know where it is. I also loved the built in timer, because I never have one when I need one!

If you are needing a new kitchen scale, I highly recommend checking out the Epsilon Digital Kitchen Scale!

cooltext458106370 Epsilon Digital Kitchen Scale


  1. That is so sleek and pretty!

  2. I like the sleek and streamlined design!

  3. I would be lost without my kitchen scale. This looks like a great one!

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