Mrs. Fields Cook Bake


As a mom, I bake a ton! I am always looking for products that will make my life easier and this Mrs. Fields Cook Bake does just that! I actually had one of my readers here ask that I review this! The Cook Bake is an all-in-one cookie sheet, cooling rack, and crisper! You can bake and cool your cookies in one easy-to-use pan! It eliminates the extra step of removing each cookie and placing them on a cooking rack (aka less stuff to have to wash!). Best of all, it is dishwasher safe! You can also use it as a crisper for foods like french fries!


Now, I cheated and used some ready bake cookies to try the Cook Bake pan out. My thoughts? Impressed! It seemed to much more evenly bake the cookies. I loved that the bottoms and tops were baked perfectly instead of super crispy bottoms and not cooked tops. However, my most favorite part (well, besides no burnt cookies) is that I can cool the cookies without having to get out cooling racks! I also was impressed that the cookies didn’t stick to the pan either.

If you are in the market for a new cookie sheet, I highly recommend the Mrs. Fields Cook Bake!