Harry Papas’ Mediterranean Diet, uses Greek cuisine to quickly and dramatically reduce both fat and health issues, while filling plates with Aegean-Style spin on traditional American meal favorites.

Greek author Harry Papas was studying at the Department of Dietetics of the University of Athens at the age of 19, weighing 280 pounds. He decided it was crucial that he find a solution to his weight problem. Mr. Papas to created Slimmer, his own diet plan which helped him regain his health, lose 110 pounds and remain slim since 1996. He established his own successful Health and Diet Centre in Athens. He incorporated his successful nutrition program into a book to help as many people as possible. Slimmer immediately became the most successful and best-selling diet and health book ever published in Greece.

Slimmer is a simple nutrition plan: a delicious, low-fat Mediterranean diet with revolutionary, fat-burning ingredients coupled with the self-awareness to combat the triggers that contribute to weight gain.  There are several recipes in there are slimmer versions of stuff you already love like pizza!  The recipes use ingredients you have around your home and the instructions are very easy to follow.

If you are looking for a cookbook to help you lose weight (or keep weight off), Slimmer is for you!