Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods

Think it’s impossible to experience Brownie Bliss without over-indulging? Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods has set out to prove it’s possible with new Brownie Bliss.

I’m in heaven . . . chocolate heaven…chocolate peanut butter heaven. Weight Watchers has come up with an amazing line of products-Brownie Bliss, and let me tell you they are bliss!! There is Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss-a soft, mouthwatering brownie topped with a layer of creamy peanut butter and covered in decadent chocolate and Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss-a soft, mouthwatering brownie topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and covered in decadent chocolate. These two brownie products are the best way to indulge that sweet tooth and not demolish your diet. The peanut butter brownie has only 90 calories and 4g of fat, while the triple chocolate has only 80 calories and 3.5g of fat! I can never seem to get enough of anything peanut butter, sacrificing my fat intake-but not with this product! The peanut butter is so smooth and creamy and compliments the brownie so well that I feel like one of those
women we see in the commercials who takes 10 minutes to eat one bite, but I do!! I savor every second of each bite of this outstanding brownie. And the triple chocolate is every chocolate lover’s fantasy! It melts in your mouth and fulfills every chocolate desire!! These products are the answer to my sweet tooth’s dreams!

There is nothing worse then craving chocolate when you are on a diet. Now, you can have your chocolate and keep the pounds off!


  1. Mmmmmm…..sounds really good!

  2. I love their carrot cakes too! :)

  3. Delicious and low in calories? They are getting added to my grocery list NOW!

  4. Sounds great! I have always enjoyed Weight Watcher desserts.

  5. That has always been my problem, trying to eat healthy but darn those sweet cravings. Will have to check these out!

  6. A chocolate snack that’s good on points? Sign me up!

  7. taste great and low in calories too that’s awesome

  8. I didn’t even know they had snacks like this. I really love their frozen meals and frozen treats though!

  9. I have tried their ice cream sundae before and really like that. Those brownies sound very tasty!

  10. Chocolate and Peanut Butter is a favorite combination of mine. I make an energy smoothie that I love with them. These sound awesome and with only 90 calories I can have a small glass of milk!

  11. More amazing delicious low calorie products from Weight Watchers! I want to taste these!

  12. Sounds great!!! I love, Love, LOVE the Weight Watchers Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae!!!

  13. I’m curious as to how these taste – I saw some of these in the frozen section at the grocery store. They were Buy 1 Get 1 free.

  14. Sounds delicious, I can’t wait to try it :)

  15. Debbie Welchert :

    Boy if their anything like their little cups of ice cream then their a hit with me. They sound so good.

  16. Christina Strapp :

    I have been on a diet and have had cravings. Will have to check these out!

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