Get bonus Box Tops on Scott® and Kleenex® products!

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As many of you may know (or not know), I am the BoxTop coordinator at my kids' school.  I am the person who is always telling our parents all the really cool and great ways they can earn Boxtops.  Now, we are a small but mighty school.  If you've never collected BoxTops, they are a little label found on various products.  Every BoxTop that the school turns in, they get 10 cents for.  It does add up fairly quickly.  We only had 188 kids (preschool – 8th grade) and we raised over $2100 last year.  Every BoxTop truly does count.

Now that the kids are going back to school and that means it’s time to stock up on their classroom supplies! By getting your Scotts© and Kleenex© products via Sam’s Club, you’ll be able to stock up on classroom essentials AND get bonus Box Tops to support your children’s school!  These Bonus Box Tops are available on Scott® brand products and Kleenex© brand products via Sam’s Club whether you make your purchases online or in-club!  How great is that?

There isn't a school that can't use the supplies from both Scotts© and Kleenex©!  I buy things just to donate to our school (today I dropped off a box of paper for them!).  It is just an extra bonus that the school can earn some extra money!

Do you collect BoxTops for your kids' school?


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