The 250 Best Cookie Recipes


Who doesn’t like cookies? I know I have to do a lot of baking for the kids schools (bake sales, Gameathon, Santa’s Workshop, etc.), and cookies also go over well. Plus cookies are great for coffee breaks, snacks, and desserts. In The 250 Best Cookie Recipes, there are over 250 cookie recipes to pick from. There is literally something for everyone in there. The majority of the recipes can be done by even the most novice baker. The recipes are also broken down, so they are easy to find: Drop Cookies, Hand Shaped Cookies, Sliced Cookies, Biscotti, Sandwich Cookies, No Bake Cookies, and Holiday Cookies. There are also helpful baking tips sprinkled throughout the book. The book even goes over the correct way to melt chocolate, storage methods, and even has a troubleshooting section!

I highly recommend The 250 Best Cookie Recipes!


  1. This is wonderful ~ and a timely post too! I am supposed to be a part of a cookie swap this year and I want to try and make some cookies that are unique and different. But of course I need to test them first and make sure I can make them correctly. I love that this has the trouble shooting and info section too!

  2. Okay I don’t like cookies LOL, I tried making them one year for the holidays with my daughter and it was a disaster. My hubby likes gingersnaps so I pick them up for him during Xmas :-)

  3. You can never have too many cookie recipes, that’s for sure!

  4. Cookies are a beloved staple in my home :)

  5. I could get into trouble with this book. Cookies are definitely one of my biggest weaknesses!

  6. We love cookies !! Definitely have to look into getting this book – I admit I get a lot from the library they have such a great selection!

  7. I will need the troubleshooting section! I love baking cookies but they don’t always turn out like the pictures.

  8. It’s so nice to have a large selection of recipes when you want to make something, in this case, cookies. You can elect to try something new, select an old stand-by, or choose by the ingredients on hand.

  9. This is perfect for holiday cookies.

  10. We love cookies at my house!

  11. Biscotti would be great to learn how to make. This book seems to have many different types of cookies to try and enjoy.

  12. My hubby and son would be thrilled! They LOVE cookies! :)

  13. Janice M. Snyder :

    Where do you get this wonderful book. I like to make cookies. You can eat while you make more. Sorta “On the job taste testing.” Wow 250 recipes, I won’t be able to walk by the time I make all the recipes.

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