Bolthouse Farms Carrots


Let me tell you, I have tried the coolest thing to ever happen to carrots. I know this sounds strange, however it is phenomenal! There are these new individual packages of carrots made by Bolthouse Farms called Shake Downs. It is a 2.25oz package of carrots that includes a small pocket of seasoning that you add to your carrots!! I have tried two different flavors; ranch and chili lime. These packages are seriously super neat. You pull apart the sides of the pack to release the seasoning and then SHAKE THE POUCH! That’s it. It is that easy. Then tear off the top and eat. They have 0g of fat and only 25 calories per bag! Healthy and delicious and who doesn’t want that? My favorite is the chili lime…I cannot get enough of these. I really didn’t want to share either. I had my husband try them (he’s not the health food type) and even he loved them. The ranch flavored ones are good for my kids because they aren’t spicy like the chili lime but still have a good flavor. The only down side to these awesome carrots is that you really don’t want to eat just one bag! And is that really a down side?? Bolthouse Farms Shakedowns are “a whole new way to get your snack on”!!