I owe Tervis a huge thank you.  I hate water.  I can only drink water if it is ice cold.  If it isn’t cold, I can’t drink it.  If you follow my personal blog, you’ll know I am on a weight loss journey and drinking water is suppose to be part of that.  I’ll even admit to sucking at drinking water.

Then I met my Tervis insulated water bottle.  I am in love.  Why?  I have never seen a water bottle that works as well as this does.  This insulated bottle keeps things ice cold for hours.  For example, the day I got my Tervis water bottle, I filled it at lunch with ice water (this was about noon).  I periodically drank out of it throughout that day.  (This was at the Housewares Show here in Chicago).  Now, 6 pm rolled around, and the person I was with was dying of thirst.  We could not find water anywhere, so I offered her my Tervis water bottle.  She finished it off before I could see the temperature.  However, she asked me if I recently had filled my Tervis water bottle because it was ice cold!  Yes, 6 hours later my water was still cold!  Since the Tervis water bottle can keep my water ice cold, I am drinking more water.  I have even had days that I have drank over 60 ounces of water (which for somebody who use to drink a 6 pack of diet soda a day, this is huge!).

I can only recommend this water bottle.  It is dishwasher safe, and so far, unbreakable.  (Yes, I’ve dropped it).  I can only recommend that everyone needs a Tervis Water Bottle in their home!

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