Stacy’s Pretzel Thins

Stacy’s brand recently introduced a new line of baked snacks that offer a fun and tasty twist on everyday snacking. Stacy’s Pretzel Thins are made using their time honor approach that they call “the Stacy’s way”. This includes carefully selected high quality ingredients such as sea salt and organic honey. They also contain no artificial colors or flavors.

Combining classic pretzel flavor with a thin and crispy texture, Stacy’s Pretzel Thins pair perfectly with gourmet cheese for a mid-day snack. We just used some regular block cheese and these pretzel thins were excellent!

The Simply Naked Flavor has the unique taste of seas salt. The Honey Dijon Flavor (which was our favorite) has a kick of Dijon mustard that is sweetened with organic honey. Both these flavor were excellent.

I can only highly recommend Stacy’s Pretzel Thins for all your snacking needs!

Real McCoy’s

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The Real McCoy’s Really Good Rice Puffs : Baked Jalapeno Cheddar were absolutely ridiculously good. You will be coming back for more! These had that loaded pop of cheesiness followed with a dose of bang, or as my husband said zesty kick without having to have a fire extinguisher on hand for your mouth. This is a great snack that is gluten free, baked, has no trans fat, made with organic brown rice, and is non-gmo. Just as the label states, these are really good rice puffs!

Real McCoy’s Rice Chips: Sea Salt were delicious as well. They had a very flaky crunch with a salty nutty flavor. Addicting, once you start eating them, it was hard to stop. They are great tasting with salsa, hummus, and chili cheese dip. This is a great snack that is gluten free, has no trans fat, non-gmo and is made of organic brown rice kernels.

Real McCoy brand is a family owned company with over 50 years of experience who use local farmers to grow their ingredients and take pride in every chip they create. The quality in taste definitely proves that!

Wild Ophelia Chocolate


Wild Ophelia is a chocolate brand that features all natural and often organic ingredients sourced from small farms and food artisans. Their chocolate bars tell the American story. Wild Ophelia’s goal is to bring unconventional American inspired chocolate creations mainstream and revolutize the chocolate aisle. Their motto is “respect oneself, one’s food, and others, while relishing in the chocolate tasting experience.”

So onto the chocolate:

Southern Hibiscus Peach – is made from 41% cacao.  These fragrant, tangy peaches and puckering, tart hibicus flowers mingle in the southern tradition of tart and sweet.  There is definitely a peach zing aftertaste.  I found it light, airy, and sweet.

Peanut Butter & Banana – is a sweet, mild flavored banana with a honeyed smell, blended with peanut butter and milk chocolate.  If you love peanut butter, you will love this milk chocolate bar.  It also gluten free!

Beef Jerky – is natural smoked fruit woods and peppered spices perfectly matched to their rich, milk chocolate.  We found this definitely had a jerky in it!  We also thought it was very smoky flavored also.   This too is gluten free!

New Orleans Chili – is dark chocolate with a warm, zinging hot spice and underlying tones of earthy red pepper.  This is gluten free.  However, this chocolate is HOT, HOT, HOT.  I was shocked that my mouth was on fire after eating chocolate.  LOL

We totally loved all these uniquly flavored chocolate here!