Sponsored: Cascade #MyPlatinum – Week 2!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


I have received a ton of questions since announcing I was a Cascade Platinum ambassador. Their number one question: What do I think of the Cascade Platinum pacs and their cleaning capabilities? Well, I have a little story to tell you.

See my picture above? The bowl with the Cascade Platinum pacs in there? Okay, so last Saturday, I had Will’s birthday party at my house (both his friends party and our family party). We had chips out. We had Cheese Puffs out (can you see where this story is leading? LOL) Well, due to the rain that came, we had to rush everything into the house. At the end of the night, all the chips and cheese puffs were stale, but my nephew still wanted to eat the cheese puffs. (A little side note here — my family lives 4 hours from me, so when they come for a party, they stay the weekend at my house). I said okay, and he brought them downstairs into my basement (that’s where he was sleeping with my sister and the rest of the family. We affectionately call it the mancave down there).

Lets fast forward to Friday — Bill brought up the bowl of cheese puffs from the basement. Yeah, let’s just say it was not a pretty site. Basically, what happens if you leave stale cheese puffs in a bowl in your basement for a week, they stick. They stick to the bowl to the point you can’t rip them off (because I tried). My first thought (besides how gross) was that this would be the perfect test for Cascade Platinum pacs!

Guess what? Without any prewashing, not only did Cascade Platinum remove the cheese puffs from the bowl, it also removed the wonderful orange cheese coating on there. Colored me impressed!

I’m not the only one who feels that way about the Cascade Platinum pacs. Top Chef judge and editor of Food+Wine magazine, Gail Simmons, has partnered with Cascade to discuss why food presentation is just as important as preparation. “The easiest recipes pop with unexpected, gourmet presentations. Drizzle bright sauces on sparkling white plates or layer desserts in crystal-clean glassware. Keep your presentation sparkling with Cascade Platinum, which keeps dishes perfect for anytime entertaining and impromptu guests.” Or in my case, keep your bowls clean from random Cheese Puff attacks!

Cascade also wants you to show off your sparkling dishes, silverware and glassware for a chance to win great prizes by entering the “My Platinum” Instagram contest. The Cascade “My Platinum” contest is a four week Instagram contest that encourages fans to upload photos related to the weekly contest themes. Show off how sparkly Cascade makes all your pots, pan and plates! Each week, two contestants will be selected to receive a brand new Whirlpool dishwasher. Additionally, one lucky grand prize winner will receive a Platinum kitchen
makeover! Each week will have a 6-day entry period where Instagram users can enter the contest with their
#MyPlatinum Photo. Cascade will choose two weekly winners and one final grand prize winner after the entry period has ended. Please be sure to include both the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade in your entries to the contest!

What could you use Cascade Platinum on in your home?

Sponsored: Cascade Platinum

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I love my dishwasher.  I swear that baby is another member of my family.  Yes, I hate washing dishes that much.  That is why I was happy to become a Cascade Platinum Ambassador!  Cascade is one of the few dishwasher detergents out there that do exactly what it says it will do.  This is the first of 4 posts I’ll be doing about Cascade and my experience with it.

I usually end up running the dishwasher every day.  However, it tends to be in the morning, so our dinner dishes sit for a pretty long time before they get washed.  There is nothing worse than stuck on oatmeal and ketchup.  Actually, there is something worse — having to wash your dishes before you stick them in the dishwasher.  Defeats the purpose of a dishwasher if you ask me!

Cascade Platinum Pacs achieve a top-tier clean so powerful that they even help keep your dishwasher machine sparkling and deliver a variety of dish care benefits.  First, they power away tough, 24 hour stuck-on food.  Using this eliminates the need to pre-wash dishes.  For a busy mom like myself, this is a huge plus in my book.   I love that it helps maintain the look of new machines and helps prevent additional hard-water build-up (which is super important to us since we just got a new dishwasher a couple of months ago!).  Lastly, it delivers an exceptional dishware shine.

Are your current dishwashing products performing to your standards? Do you notice streaks or films after washing? Do you ever find yourself wasting time by pre-rinsing or double-washing dishes? Or are you already a Cascade fan like myself and don’t have any of these issues?