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Are you concerned about your food and nutrition? If so, Quick Nutrition Facts is a website you need to check out. This a great site for healthy people (and not so healthy people people) to learn some quick nutrition facts.  You can learn about the nutritional value of potatoes (did you know they contain toxic compounds called glycoalkaloids?) and that an apple is 52 calories.  The list of foods on this site is amazing and completely comprehensive.  There was about 15 different ways you could look up that apple you are about to eat!  Is it frozen?  Dehydrated?

The wealth of information on this site is amazing.  They have everything listed from fruit juice to bison to acorn stew.  There is also a section that gives user a brief description of essential nutrients and a list of the top 25 foods with those nutrients. Another fun fact section shows you little known facts about foods. There are over 25 categories of different food types the user can choose from to start browsing.  Educational and fun, what more could you ask for?

What foods are you interested in learning more about?  What did you learn on Quick Nutritional Facts?

Kellogg’s® Eggo Bake Shop™ Twists Apple

eggoIf you are looking for a quick and delicious breakfast, Kellogg’s® Eggo Bake Shop™ Twists are something you must have in your freezer.  Now, these come in two different flavors:  Apple and Strawberry.  However, my local grocery store only carries the Apple kind.  Making these couldn’t be easier.  You pop it into the microwave for about 25 seconds.  You then let it sit for about 2 minutes before you eat it.  Now, we learned here that if you are having your kids eat these, you may want to wait more than two minutes.  Madison (my five year old) said it was too hot for her, so we had to let it cool down a tad longer.  Even though it’s easy to make, I know you have to be wondering how it tastes.  Honestly, it tasted like I was eating a piece of apple pie.  It was good, filling, and easy.  I love that I could be getting things done around the house and still be munching on breakfast.

Kellogg’s® Eggo Bake Shop™ Twists is a breakfast treat that I can highly recommend to both adults and kids.  We all liked them here, and they are a great on-the-go breakfast for all of us with crazy mornings!

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Tip Of The Day

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Using a combination of margarine and apple sauce instead of butter significantly reduces the amount of fat and cholesterol in baked goods.  Apple sauce adds flavor and moisture, so your treats won’t taste dry.

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