Long Love Fruit

With 1/3 cup of real fruit in every serving, there’s something delectable in the first to last spoonful. If you love fruit, you are going to fall hard for Yoplait Fruitful! There are no artificial sweeteners or flavors in Yoplait Fruitful! There are six fruit flavors:

1) Pineapple
2) Strawberry
3) Mango Pineapple & Orange
4) Blueberry
5) Peach
6) Cherries & Red Berries

and six ounces of yogurt in each cup.

Yoplait Fruitful is currently available in select Midwest and Central regions. To find out if your local grocer carries Yoplait Fruitful, use the “where to buy” feature located at the bottom of the Fruitful landing page. You can also get a 30 cent off coupon so you can try this too!

Trop50 Farmstand Apple

My kids like juice drinks. What kid doesn’t? However, with that always seems to come a lot of calories and a lot of sugar.

However, with the launch of Tropicana’s Trop50 Farmstand Apple, you no longer need to worry. You can get the same great tasting juice beverage with 50% less sugar and calories and no artificial sweeteners. An 8 oz glass of the Trop50 Farmstand Apple juice beverage is 50 calories. You also get a full’s day supply of vitamin C, and this is a good source of vitamin E.

My family and I tried this new Trop50. My husband thought it tastes slightly watered down. However, my kids didn’t know I was giving them a different juice beverage and noticed no difference between this and their normal juice drink that has way more calories and way more sugar. They had this gone in no time! This is something I would definitely get again.

Additional flavors include Pomegranate Blueberry, Pineapple Mango, and the original Orange offering. Trop50 Orange is available in No Pulp, Some Pulp, and No Pulp Calcium & Vitamin D. These are all available in 59 oz containers with a retail price of $3.59.