Thanksgiving Desserts

Who says pie has to get all the attention at Thanksgiving?! Serve this fancy and decadent dessert this year and give your guests a holiday meal they will truly remember. Your guests (and kids!) never need to know how easy and good for you it actually is. It is also highly adaptable. Don’t have cardamom? Use vanilla. Have a cantaloupe in the fridge? Use that instead of honeydew. Agar agar can also be used in place of the gelatin making it vegan as well. This recipe serves 4.

1 14 ounce Can Coconut Milk
2 Teaspoons Unflavored Gelatin
2 Tablespoons Water
1/4 Cup Sugar
1/4 Teaspoon Cardamom

Small Mixing Bowl
Small Saucepan
Stove Top
Measuring Cups and Spoons
4 Small Ramekins

Coconut milk refers to the full fat Thai style, not the sweetened kind that goes in a Pina Colada. The only thing to take care with is the heat of the milk. It needs to be hot enough to melt the gelatin but a fully boiling hot liquid will cause it to loose its efficiency.

1. Add water to small mixing bowl and sprinkle gelatin across the top. Set aside for gelatin to bloom.
2. Add coconut milk, sugar and cardamom to small saucepan.
3. Place coconut milk over medium high heat and bring almost to a boil, stirring constantly.
4. Remove coconut milk from heat. Spoon a small amount over the bloomed gelatin and stir until it begins to melt.
5. Add the gelatin back to the warm pan of coconut milk and stir until gelatin is fully melted and incorporated.
6. Pour coconut mixture into individual small bowls or ramekins. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

1 Honeydew Melon
2 Cups Ice
2 Tablespoons Sugar

Chef’s Knife
Cutting Board

Depending on the size of your blender, you may have to make this in two batches. Also, adjust the sugar according to the sweetness of the melon you use. Store any leftover soup in the freezer for a yummy sorbet or pour it into ice cube trays for a quick smoothie.

1. Cut the melon in half and scoop out any seeds. Then, cut the melon into quarters and remove the skin. Finally, rough cut the melon into chunks.
2. Add the melon, ice, and sugar to the blender. Puree until smooth. Serve cold.

1. Dip the panna cotta bowls into hot water long enough to loosen it. Run a knife carefully along the edge to help free it. Unmold into soup dishes.
2. Pour the honeydew soup around the base of the panna cotta.
3. Garnish with dried cranberries if desired.

Finally, just serve and enjoy!

SunRidge Farms Nuts

Did you know that August 3rd was Grab Some Nuts Day?  If you missed, have no fear — you can still enjoy some nuts!  This summer, whether you’re on a hike, on a long bike ride, or at the office and need a burst of energy and protein, you know what to do.

SunRidge has a few great nuts to try out:

  • SunRidge Farms’ Thai Curry Cashews – batch roasted cashews are tossed in exotic all natural spices cumin, turmeric, paprika and cayenne pepper.  Everybody like these!
  • SunRidge Farms’ Sea Salt and Pepper Cashews – nutty, buttery cashews are sprinkled with a perfect blend of sea salt a cracked black pepper.  These are my husband’s personal favorite.  He said they were awesome.
  • SunRidge Farms’ Wasabi Tamari Almonds – batch roasted almonds and carefully seasoned with bold wasabi and savory tamari spices.  These weren’t as hot as I thought they would be (which is good for me because I’m not a huge fan of hot and spicy).  We had some family try these too, and they were surprised by them.  My SIL said she normally doesn’t like almonds and liked these!

All of the above products are all natural and do not contain GMOs, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Even better, these products are not only great for you, they’re also great for the environment! All of them are produced in SunRidge Farms’ recently expanded solar-powered manufacturing facility. Hand-crafted in small batches using only the finest, healthiest and freshest ingredients, they also are naturally flavored and colored.  The company also uses biodiesel delivery trucks, powers its sales fleet with hybrid vehicles, offers recycling education classes, and pays employees $5 a day to bike to and from work!

A great company and a great nuts.  What more can you ask for?

Alexia Foods Oven Fries and Sides Giveaway!

As a Manhattan chef, Alex always wondered why there weren’t quality side dishes that achieved the same discerning standard as the main entrée. He knew others would agree, and believed he could create distinctive and inspired convenient everyday side dishes that lived up to what he might create in his own Greenpoint kitchen. Alex started by hand selecting the finest all-natural ingredients and producing only small batches making Alexia a hard to find favorite. Whether seasoning his Beauregard Sweets and Yukon Gold Potatoes or baking the perfect artisan Ciabatta and Focaccia breads, Alex always used real ingredients and put quality and taste first.

Alexia Foods is one of my favorites.  I have yet to try a product of theirs that my family did not love which is why I was excited to try out their Parmesan Lemon French Fries.  I’ll be honest — those are two flavors that I never expected on French Fries.  That being said, I’d like to quote my kids “those are yummy in my tummy”.  It gave the fries a little kick that wasn’t too overwhelming.  We had no leftover fries, so needless to say, they were a hit!

Since my family loves Alexia Foods so much, I have arranged for one lucky winner to win three (3) coupons for a FREE Alexia product.  Here’s what you need to do:

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