Tip Of The Day: Marshmellows

Roze Marshmallows
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  • Stop ice cream drips by placing large marshmallows in the bottom of the cone first.
  • Keep brown sugar soft by adding a few marshmallows to the bag before closing it.
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Tip Of The Day: Honey

A jar of honey with honey dipper
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  • Pour a mixture of a third cup honey and 2 1/4 cups milk to your bath.
  • Treat minor cuts and wounds with honey’s antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Apply a small amount twice daily to a wound or burn to speed healing process.
  • Help a hangover by spooning a few tablespoons of honey on toast for breakfast.  The fructose speeds up the metabolism of alcohol.
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Tip Of The Day: Grocery Bags

  • Preserve paint brushes by placing them in bags and tie them to keep air out.  The tools will stay moist for a day or so.
  • Pouf up curtain valances by stuffing them with bags.  Can also be used to stuff crafts or pillows.
  • Rub chapped hands with a thick layer of petroleum jelly and put them in plastic bags for 15 minutes to half an hour.
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