SunRidge Farms Nuts

Did you know that August 3rd was Grab Some Nuts Day?  If you missed, have no fear — you can still enjoy some nuts!  This summer, whether you’re on a hike, on a long bike ride, or at the office and need a burst of energy and protein, you know what to do.

SunRidge has a few great nuts to try out:

  • SunRidge Farms’ Thai Curry Cashews – batch roasted cashews are tossed in exotic all natural spices cumin, turmeric, paprika and cayenne pepper.  Everybody like these!
  • SunRidge Farms’ Sea Salt and Pepper Cashews – nutty, buttery cashews are sprinkled with a perfect blend of sea salt a cracked black pepper.  These are my husband’s personal favorite.  He said they were awesome.
  • SunRidge Farms’ Wasabi Tamari Almonds – batch roasted almonds and carefully seasoned with bold wasabi and savory tamari spices.  These weren’t as hot as I thought they would be (which is good for me because I’m not a huge fan of hot and spicy).  We had some family try these too, and they were surprised by them.  My SIL said she normally doesn’t like almonds and liked these!

All of the above products are all natural and do not contain GMOs, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Even better, these products are not only great for you, they’re also great for the environment! All of them are produced in SunRidge Farms’ recently expanded solar-powered manufacturing facility. Hand-crafted in small batches using only the finest, healthiest and freshest ingredients, they also are naturally flavored and colored.  The company also uses biodiesel delivery trucks, powers its sales fleet with hybrid vehicles, offers recycling education classes, and pays employees $5 a day to bike to and from work!

A great company and a great nuts.  What more can you ask for?

Navitas Power Snacks

Optimal nutrition is especially important during the summer when the body and mind can be stressed by heat and strenuous outdoor activities. As many of you know, it’s been super hot all over the country lately! I know it was 100 degrees every day last week in Chicago! The next couple of days are going to be in the 90’s. Navitas Naturals offers healthy, superfood Trail Mixes and Power Snacks that provide delicious nutrition convenience to support busy summer lifestyles.

Navitas Naturals recently added new Blueberry Hemp to their award-winning line of Navitas Power Snacks, joining Cacao-Goji and Citrus-Chia. In addition to hemp powder and dried blueberries, Blueberry Hemp Power Snacks are made with organic functional food stars such as chia, maca, lucuma, camu and maqui, as well as other wholesome raw foods including sesame seeds, cashews and sunflower seeds. The bite-sized cubes have a delicious flavor, healthy whole-food appearance, and rich chewy texture. There are no refined sugar, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors in Navitas Power Snacks. They are certified organic and certified gluten-free, and are GMO-free and dairy-free. They are offered in an 8-ounce re-sealable and recyclable pouch for $8.99. Taste? I love when healthy products have the great taste to back them up.

If you are looking for a great healthy and organic snack, make sure you try out Navitas Power Snacks!

Fisher Trail Mix Giveaway

Fisher just re-launched their trail mix with new packaging. The Fisher trail mix is the perfect on-the-go snack for a busy summer. The new packaging makes it easy to keep on hand for any time of day – keep some in your purse, gym bag or at the office.

Here is a little more information on the five trail mix flavors Fisher has:

Summit Trail Mix: Here’s an energy-packed snack that’ll keep you satisfied over even the roughest trails. Our raisins, peanuts, cashews and milk chocolate candy can help give the boost you need to go that extra mile. (This one is my personal favorite!)

Energy Trail Mix: Look no further for a source of natural energy! We’ve mixed dried cranberries, almonds and cashews together and created a delicious and powerful blend to help you through your day.

Tropical Trail Mix: Enjoy a sweet taste of the islands with this delicious mix! Sweet mango, almonds, cashews, pineapple and banana chips make this mix a tropical delight! (The kids like this one the best!)

Sweet Nut Trail Mix: Bring some sweetness into your life with this popular mix! Honey roasted peanuts, raisins, frosted walnuts, cashews and cranberries all come together to create the perfect blend of rich, nutty goodness!

Cheddar Trail Mix: When savory meets sweet, your taste buds win. We’ve mixed sugar-glazed peanuts, corn sticks, pretzels and peanuts for a winning flavor combo you won’t be able to say no to. (This is one of Bill’s favorites!)

All of the flavors are good and do not disappoint. We’ll be taking along some of these bags with us camping this coming up weekend. They are super easy to travel with and make a great in the car snack! You definitely can’t go wrong with Fisher Trail Mix!

That is why I have arranged for one lucky winner to receive a bag of each flavor! That’s five bags of trail mix total! Here’s what you need to do:

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