TIP #4 for T-fal’s Healthy Summer Challenge – Stop The Fad Diets

A healthy lifestyle change is what you need to lose weight. Fad diets do not offer such a thing. If you are giving up all your food for a shake or cabbage, what do you think is going to happen when you go back to normal food (because at some point, you will have to eat real food again).

Every day in my facebook feed, I see somebody posting about the newest fad diets out there, and it drives me insane. Permanent weight loss isn’t going to be achieved from injecting yourself with HCG and eating only 500 calories a day. (Yes, you will lose weight, but the side effects from that particular diet are pretty scary. My own chiropractor told me to never ever even consider doing that diet). Instead, making life changes will get you to your goal. Small changes can equal big weight loss. Add more water to your diet. Eat a salad instead of a bag of chips. Those are things you can do forever; eating only cabbage and protein shakes, not so much. I also see some blogger talking about the next new great diet pill. Again, what happens when you stop that? Also, do you know what ingredients are in some of that stuff? Just because it says it is all-natural does not make it so.

One of my friends was told by her doctor this year that the more you yo-yo your weight, the harder it will be lose it. Your body says “hey, I know what you are trying to do” and holds onto that weight even longer. Each crash diet like this that you do makes it harder and harder and harder to lose the weight you want. This makes complete sense too.

How are you getting healthier this summer? Are you making lifestyle changes?

Pump Up Your Summer With Pringles Speaker Can

Pringles has teamed up with Perez Hilton, celerity blogger and avid music lover, to give consumers another reason to stock up on their favorite snack.  From May 15 through Oct. 31, 2012, you can send in the original receipt from any four traditional-sized Pringles cans to receive a free Pringles Speaker by mail!  The portable Pringles Speaker fits on top of an empty, traditional-sized Pringles can and attaches to any personal MP3 player or similar music device to create the “Pringles Speaker Can.”  The acoustics of the empty can intensifies your summer playlist, providing quality sound and bass anywhere, anytime.   The Pringles Speaker Can is a convenient, portable way to bring your music with you when you don’t have traditional speakers handyPringles crisps are the perfect, on-the-go summer snack.  The sturdy can keeps crisps more protected than bagged chips, while the recloseable top allows for easy snacking throughout the day. Additionally, Pringles cans fit into most car cup holders, perfect for any summer road trip.

This coming up weekend, we will bringing our Pringles and our Pringles speaker camping with it us.  They both are so very portable.  Plus, my husband absolutely loves Pringles.  The Pringles speaker is also a great talking point.  Everyone walks up to you and asks if that’s a real speaker and then tells you how cool it is!

Visit Pringles.com/current-promotions to download the redemption form.


I love little gadgets that make my life easier.  Can I tell you how much I love Fishclip?

Now, this little gadget is both useful and well, cute.  The Fishclip help you to seal your food to keep it fresh.  They are safe for the freezer.  I love that you can twist and clip things like bread or fold and pinch things like chips.  You can leave your food in its original bags (and help save the environment).  The other part that I love about the Fishclip is that they are also refrigerator magnets!!!  When you aren’t using them to keep your chips fresh, they sit on your refrigerator.

Now these Fishclips are easy enough that my kids can use them without a problem (my kids are 4 and 8).  You literally just need to put your thumb on the tail and pull the fins back to close.  You just push on the fins to open the jaws.  It is really that easy!

If you are looking for a cute item that will help you save money in your kitchen, I highly recommend that you get a set of Fishclips! They can hold everything from bread to chips to veggie bags to coffee to frozen foods to cords!  There are just so many uses for them!