Mrs. Fields Bakers Sto-N-Go Container


The Mrs. Fields Sto-N-Go makes taking your cookies and brownies convenient and easy. Use to carry or store: small cakes, cookies, brownies, snacks, appetizers, cake balls and cake pops. The Sto-N-Go 3 adjustable sliding trays, a removable handle, 4 small feet allow for upright storage and a virtually air tight lid. The Sto-N-Go is great for: road trips; bake sales, parties, picnics, barbecues, boating, etc. and is BPA free.


As you can see, I used my Mrs. Fields Sto-N-Go Container to store my brookies (see brookie pan post!). I personally love the adjustable sliding trays. It allows me so many options of what I can use this container for! Here are some of your choices:

1 dozen brookies
36 1/2″ cake balls
23 cake pops
32 mini cupcakes
20 homemade small cupcakes
appetizers of any kind
leftover pizza

I am always looking for a way to take my baked goods to parties without them getting wrecked. I have found my answer with Mrs. Fields Bakers Sto-N-Go Container!

Wonka’s Easter and Spring Treats

With Easter right around the corner, there are some treats that have to make it into your Easter baskets this year. Wonka truly has something for everyone:

Let’s start with the Double Yummy Gummies candy.  My kids are huge fans of anything gummy, so needless to say, these went over quite well at my house!  They are offered in natural orange, lemon, and strawberry flavors.  Let’s just say that it is way too easy to eat the whole bag of them in one sitting.

The SweeTARTS candy carrots were also another winner in my house. I mean, seriously, how cute would it be to put a carrot in your loved ones Easter basket?  These orange Wonka SweeTARTS Jelly Beans are just what the Easter Bunny asked for.  The packaging is beyond cute and the jelly beans are super yummy!

Wonka even has chocolate this Easter:

You’ve got the the Wonka Exceptionals Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Eggs. It’s creamy milk chocolate with toffee, crispy cookie, and crunchy peanuts.
They also have the Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate Waterfall Eggs. This is a delectable combination of swirled milk and white chocolate. To quote Madison, it almost looks like a cow!

Wonka has so many choices for the Easter Bunny to choose this year.  As my three old told me, all the Wonka candy is “yummy yummy yummy in my tummy tummy tummy”. Who can argue with that?