iCoffee SteamBrew Coffee Maker

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This is a review of the new iCoffee Black & Chrome Coffeemaker RCB100 BC12.

Mr. Bruce Burrows, the inventor, started tinkering around with the idea of steam brewing back in 2005. His goal was to produce a full-bodied, smooth cup of coffee without any of the bitterness produced by many coffee makers. He teamed up with Remington to produce the ultimate coffee brewer.

The process simplified, is that the grounds are steamed until evenly moistened. A series of rotating jets then continue to stir the coffee to extract maximum flavor from the grounds. The resulting coffee is deep, dark, rich and smooth.   The coffee maker has a 12-cup capacity water reservoir,steam and hot water jets that steams and stirs your favorite coffee, a premium gold filter (saves you money and no need for expensive paper filters), a programmable timer, on-off button with chime, a glass carafe, and a clock.

Aesthetically I feel the coffee maker is a little bulky. The rotational steambrew viewing window is where the brew basket has a window where you can watch the grounds steam and swirl around. It was neat to watch the first time, but eventually gets boring, so I don’t think it was really that necessary in the design. It does have a simple display that is easy to use and extremely easy to program. I definitely would recommend this coffee maker to friends, the resulting coffee is definitely deep, dark, rich and smooth…. absolutely delicious.

Coffee Beanery Giveaway!

Calling all coffee lovers! Coffee Beanery has created some great new cake flavored coffees in support of The Pink Fund (www.thepinkfund.org), an organization that provides financial support to people in active treatment of breast cancer. $1 for each pound sold of their delicious new flavors that include Strawberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cake, Birthday Cake and Black Forest Cake, will be donated to the Pink Fund. Additionally, they are matching the donation and contributing $2.00 total per pound sold.

These quality Arabica beans have been carefully roasted to bring your coffee to the peak of its flavor potential. Their exclusive Right Roast process ensures the distinctive flavor characteristics of each coffee variety. Our thoughts”


Birthday Cake: This one is delicious and smooth. I actually prefer this one as my morning brew.


Strawberry Cheesecake: The aroma is absolutely amazing! The taste is good, but for me, it gave a little bit of an aftertaste, but still yummy.


Red Velvet Coffee: Smooth and tasty, but gives you a little aftertaste, as well, but still good.


Black Forest Cake:
This one brought me to an exotic island… Very delicious with a subtle coconut flavor. This is my end of the day, relax, put your feet up brew.

Since this was so good, I have arranged for one lucky reader to win a pound of each of these cake flavored coffee flavors. Here’s what you need to do:


I love little gadgets that make my life easier.  Can I tell you how much I love Fishclip?

Now, this little gadget is both useful and well, cute.  The Fishclip help you to seal your food to keep it fresh.  They are safe for the freezer.  I love that you can twist and clip things like bread or fold and pinch things like chips.  You can leave your food in its original bags (and help save the environment).  The other part that I love about the Fishclip is that they are also refrigerator magnets!!!  When you aren’t using them to keep your chips fresh, they sit on your refrigerator.

Now these Fishclips are easy enough that my kids can use them without a problem (my kids are 4 and 8).  You literally just need to put your thumb on the tail and pull the fins back to close.  You just push on the fins to open the jaws.  It is really that easy!

If you are looking for a cute item that will help you save money in your kitchen, I highly recommend that you get a set of Fishclips! They can hold everything from bread to chips to veggie bags to coffee to frozen foods to cords!  There are just so many uses for them!