Freschetta Pizza

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

All pizzas are not created equal. I recently learned that when I tried the Freschetta FlatBread Pizza.  I’m so use to frozen pizza tasting — well, pretty bland.  Freschetta pizzas?  Not bland at all!  My family and I tried the Zesty Italian pizza and I’d give it two thumbs up!  This flatbread pizza has the thinnest crust I’ve ever seen.  Thin, but yummy though.  The Zesty Italian pizza has pepperoni, genoa salami, italian sausage, and mozzarella and asiago cheese.  What impressed me was that these are quality ingredients.  They use all-natural cheeses and a sauce made from real, ripe tomatoes.  The meat is in big chunks with a ton of flavor.  You see these kind of ingredients on fresh pizzas — not frozen ones!  Yet, Freschetta managed to do it and keep the taste!  There are other varieties you can try also:   Roasted Garlic and Spinach, Pepperoni, and Five Cheese.  (I’ve tried all except the Roasted Garlic and Spinach, and they were all yummy).

If this sounds like something you’d like to try (and you want to try this!), you can get $1 off coupon at the Freschetta site.  This pizza is definitely going to be on my shopping list from here on out.

Visit my sponsor: Freschetta Pizza

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Mary’s Marinating Stick Review and Giveaway

This giveaway is now over. The winner is Kimberly L. Congrats!

I love products that make my life easier. Who doesn’t? I am a person who never remembers to pull dinner out the day before or anything like that. Marinate? Never happens here, because I never plan ahead that far. That is why when I heard about Mary’s Marinating Stick, I knew I had to try it out.

Mary’s Marinating Sticks are made from high grade 304 stainless steel.  What you do is take your favorite aromatics (onions, garlic, celery, carrots, etc) and cut them up.  You open one of these marinating sticks and place the cut up aromatics inside and then close and secure the clasp.  You then insert the closed marinating stick into your piece of meat (Make sure you leave the ring outside so you can more easily be able to pull it out when done).  You then cook like you normally would.  After cooking, let your meat rest for around 10 minutes and then pull the stick out.  That’s it!  Oh yeah, and these marinating sticks are dishwasher safe!

My family loved this.  I loved it because I was able to make flavorful dinners and not have to plan too far ahead.  I do recommend that you use fresh ingredients in this because they dried ones (like the minced garlic and minced onion you can get in a bottle) didn’t flavor quite as well.  However, the fresh ingredients gave us a much more flavorful dinner.  What happened that I didn’t expect was how tender using this marinating stick will make the meat.  You literally could cut some of the roasts we made with a butter knife.  They were also extremely juicy.

Mary’s Marinating Sticks are a product we will be using for years to come.  A pair of these sticks will marinate a roast up to 10 lbs., a leg of lamb up to 10 lbs, and/or a turkey up 18 lbs.  You can also use these on pork, fish, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  They even include some recipes with the marinating sticks that you can try!  With Father’s Day coming up, this would make the perfect gift!

Since I love these, I know one of my lucky readers will too.  Here’s what I need you to do (please put each thing you do in it’s own comment):

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Ponytail Parfaits



Ponytail Parfaits
  • 3 cups sliced strawberries
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 (3.4 oz) package instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 cups fat free milk
  • 1½ cup angel food cake cubes
  • 2 tbsp sliced almonds
  • 6 whole fresh strawberries
  1. Stir together sliced strawberries and sugar into a small bowl. Cover and chill for about an hour. Whisk pudding mix and milk 2 minutes (or until smooth).
  2. Divide 1 cup cake cubes among 6 parfait glasses. Top each with ¼ cup chilled strawberry mixture and 3 tbsp pudding. Repeat procedure and layers with the remaining cake cubes, strawberry mixture, and pudding.
  3. Sprinkle each parfait with 1 tsp almond slices and 1 whole strawberry.