Heirloom Flavor: Yesterday’s Best-Tasting Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs for Today’s Cook

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 2.52.35 PMHeirloom vegetables, herbs, and fruits are back in favor as gardeners and food lovers seek more nutritious and flavorful food. The unusual varieties of heirloom seeds still available today produce food that provide a mouthful of flavor unlike anything ever experienced from hybrid varieties. Heirloom Flavor features eighteen types of heirloom edibles and is enriched with beautiful full-color photographs, interesting stories, and fascinating history. Heirloom Flavor: Yesterday’s Best-Tasting Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs for Today’s Cook includes recipes and cooking tips, how-to-grow tips, and how-to-select at Farmer’s Markets. This is a “must have” for foodies and cooks. The cookbook is a great resource. The book is a combination of heirloom specific recipes, concise growing tips, and heirloom history. The pictures are phenomenal and I even learned a thing or two from this book!

America’s Favorite Food

America’s Favorite Food is revolutionizing the kitchen by being the first to bridge our love for the printed cookbook with the wonders of technology. Organized in 10 easy-to-navigate categories such as ‘Starters,’ ‘Seafood,’ ‘Meatless Mains’ and ‘Desserts,’ the cookbook features a collection of the website’s 200 top-rated and most-reviewed recipes, each selected based on actual reviews and rankings by the more than 6 million home cooks who use MyRecipes.com each month.

Its unique, never-before-seen Scan-It/Cook-It™ features let readers access helpful recipe-enhancing multimedia content on their mobile or tablet device without ever leaving the kitchen. Simply scan one of the book’s more than 130 vibrant, full-color recipe photographs with the free Digimarc Discover app to instantly view how-to videos, professional cooking tips, meal planners and more. To the delight of many, this means no more food burned on the stove while Googling how to julienne carrots.

Other user-friendly features of “America’s Favorite Food” include quick access icons for each recipe which identify recipes as ‘Kid Friendly,’ ‘Gluten Free,’ and ‘30 Minutes or Less,’ among others; reviews and advice from MyRecipes.com users on the best substitutions and suggestions for specific dishes; and quick tips from MyRecipes editors that outline how to enhance a dish and tips for finding special ingredients at your local market, plus much more.

I love this cookbook.  Not only does it have “normal” food that you would serve, it has normal ingredients.  I love the substitution advice each recipe has too.  These are tried and true suggestions from people on the MyRecipes site.  I also love that you don’t have to use the Scan It feature, and the cookbook still rocks.  I love that ever recipe has a picture too.  I like knowing what my meal is suppose to look like (because sometimes it doesn’t look like its suppose to!).

America’s Favorite Food is full of yummy recipes you’ll want to try.  The hardest thing will be to figure out what to make first!

Feed Our Small World

Feed Our Small World allows you to go on a tasty tour around the globe. With simple step-by-step instructions, helpful cooking tips, and color photos of each dish, this book is just the ticket if you want to make magic in the kitchen. Enjoy French quiche for breakfast, Indian chicken curry for lunch, Indonesian beef satay for dinner, and Scottish shortbread for dessert! Plus, there are fascinating facts about each culture included throughout. This book allows your children to “own” their food which makes them, in my experience, much more willing to try new things.

I also love that for every sale of Feed Our Small World that a donation has been made in support of the cookbook that will enable the FEED foundation to provide Vitamin A supplements for 450,000 children for one year. Make great food and help a great cause — what more could you want?

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