Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grill

Cbq-120-ele_pedestal_ls_balcony_300dpiThis is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dimplex North America Limited. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m the cooker (a word my kids coined) in my house except when it comes to grilling. I have no idea how to use the grill outside. When I say I have no idea, I mean I don’t even know how to turn the thing on! Yes, I am serious.  Bill is gone to New York for the next several days for his sister’s wedding and some grilling know how would be extremely helpful right now.

That being said Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grills is to the rescue.  Since it is electric, there are no gas tanks to struggle with and no lighting to worry about (and my biggest fear — starting the house on fire).  This also makes PowerChef grills ideal for apartment dwellers.  This is an dual element cooking system.  You get the steak house sear marks (which also locks in the flavor and juices), and it also comes preprogrammed.  It can cook what you want and exactly how you want it cooked.  My favorite part has to be that it chimes when it is time to flip and when it’s time to take your food off.  It takes all the guesswork out!  As a mom who is usually multitasking at dinnertime, this is a must have!

Visit my sponsor: Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grills

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Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies

Who doesn’t like a good cookie? I know I do! However, the calorie counts in some cookies make you want to never get in a swim suit again! However, the Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies is the answer to our prayers. You are able to indulge in your sweet tooth without adding thousands of calories to your diet. They have two brand new varieties (Oatmeal and Lemon), and they have improved three of their other varieties (shortbread, sugar, and gingerman). Each clock in at around 160 calories per serving. Now, before you think one cookie is one serving, it’s not!!! For the oatmeal cookies, you can have 3 for 140 calories. For the lemon cookies, you can have 4 for 160 calories. I know your next question is do they taste like cardboard? I’m happy to tell you they are super yummy. My kids absolutely loved them, and I saw my husband steal a few too!

If you are looking for a great snack, try out the Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies. They will not disappoint!

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Pepperidge Farm Vanilla Goldfish Grahams

When asked if I wanted to try the new flavor of Goldfish crackers, I jumped at the chance. My kids absolutely love Goldfish. It’s a cracker they’ve both had since they were little. We have a Pepperidge Farm Outlet store a couple blocks from us and it is not unusual to see me heading there to get one of those huge boxes of fishes.

What did my kids think of the Vanilla flavor of Goldfish? They loved them! Instead of tasting like a cracker, these goldfish taste much more like a cookie — a really good cookie. I even found my husband sneaking a couple of handfuls of these from the kids!  The Vanilla Grahams are made with whole grains and real vanilla. They also contain no artificial preservatives and less than 10% of a servings calories are from saturated fat.

As a fan of Pepperidge Farm Crackers, they had a high standard to meet.  These crackers crush that, and I highly recommend getting a bag of these for your house!

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