Kaufmann Mercantile’s Handmade Garden Trug

SONY DSCWhat better way to prepare for the fall season than with Kaufmann Mercantile’s Handmade Garden Trug? This classic English gardening vessel is perfect for carrying all of your fall favorites. Whether your picking apples from the tree or spending an afternoon at the pumpkin patch, our trug allows you to easily handle all of your seasonal produce. Now there is a durable and functional solution to collect your fresh findings.

This Handmade Sussex Garden Trug Gardening basket was made in England from Sweet Chestnut and Cricket Bat Willow wood.  It is absolutely gorgeous with its solid copper tacks and copper clout nails.  It was fabricated according to traditional methods since 1829 and measures 20” long with a depth of 11”.  This basket can carry pretty much everything that is going to come out of your garden!  I have had several people who have seen this in my kitchen ask where I got it from!  It is easily a decorative centerpiece for your table when you aren’t using it to carry fruit and vegetables into your home.

I love my Handmade Sussex Garden Trug!  It is as functional as it is beautiful.  I love being to carry in everything in the garden plus it works great for flowers from butterfly garden too.   It is a durable basket that is made to get dirty and to stand up to the test of time.  I can only recommend getting one for your home.  Best if all, if you sign up to KMs newsletter you will receive $7 off of your first purchase!

What would you use a Handmade Sussex Garden Trug for?

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Sweet potatoes have tan skin and yellow flesh.  Yams have copper or purple skin, orange flesh, and a denser texture.