Ninja Cooking System

As you all know, I love any appliance that makes my life easier. I also like products that don’t raise the temperature of my kitchen ten degrees! That is where the Ninja Cooker comes in.

The Ninja Cooking System combines oven, stovetop cooking, slow cooking, steam roasting and baking in one appliance allowing you to cook meals faster and healthier. With the Ninja Cooking System you can do everything from preparing a complete meal (i.e. salmon, veggies and rice) in under 30 minutes to baking a crispy casserole to baking a cake all on your countertop.

Yes, you can seriously make entire meals in this thing. The Ninja Cooking System is beyond easy to use — I am pretty sure my 8 year old could cook in it! I absolutely love that I don’t have to use 20 different pans to make dinner anymore. You can also make dessert in it too:

I have made several meals in this. My family and I have put it through its paces. We’ve done everything from Tuscan chicken (from the Ninja Cooking System’s cookbook that you get with it!) to pulled BBQ pork (so yummy — that recipe will be coming soon) made in the slow cooker to browning ground beef (which I then made hamburger casserole with!). The only thing that would make this more perfect is if Ninjas cames out of it and actually cleaned the rest of my kitchen. I love this product!

What other product in your kitchen can do it all like the Ninja Cooking System? None! I highly recommend getting a Ninja Cooking System right now!

750 Best Appetizers

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, a book you need to get your hands on is 750 Best Appetizers. I know several people trying to figure out what to bring or make for their holiday get togethers, and this book truly has something for everyone. They have everything that you can use for a barbecue to a sit down dinner. They also have recipes that are vegan to ones that are all meat. One of the best things about this book is that many of the recipes can be prepared ahead of time or made in a slow cooker. The sixteen chapters are arranged towards the specific types of dishes like dips and spreads. You can also easily find specific ingredients such as Fish and Seafood or Cheese. I absolutely love the pictures. It makes me want to make everything in this book and eat it! I also love that the directions are super easy to follow. You don’t have to be an experienced cook for most of these recipes. My husband is super excited, because there are about 20 salsa recipes he wants to try out of here! For me, I’d like everything in the dessert chapter. It all sounds so good!

If you need some ideas for your holiday meals, check out 750 Best Appetizers.

Feed Our Small World

Feed Our Small World allows you to go on a tasty tour around the globe. With simple step-by-step instructions, helpful cooking tips, and color photos of each dish, this book is just the ticket if you want to make magic in the kitchen. Enjoy French quiche for breakfast, Indian chicken curry for lunch, Indonesian beef satay for dinner, and Scottish shortbread for dessert! Plus, there are fascinating facts about each culture included throughout. This book allows your children to “own” their food which makes them, in my experience, much more willing to try new things.

I also love that for every sale of Feed Our Small World that a donation has been made in support of the cookbook that will enable the FEED foundation to provide Vitamin A supplements for 450,000 children for one year. Make great food and help a great cause — what more could you want?

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