Firelands Cattle Company: Kobe Beef


Firelands Cattle Company was founded in 2007 in Shelby, OH. The owners bring decades of experience of the food production industry. The herd that they get their meat from is located in Herminston, Oregon. The distinct marbling that you find in their meat comes from superior genetics and intense care during the rearing process. The feeding process is carefully regulated throughout the various stages of growth. Their cattle receive an all natural feed too. Their animals are all hormone free.

American Kobe is known to be one of the greatest tasting red meats available. The delicate marbling of the meat is what gives it the superior texture and taste Kobe is known for. Traditional USDA grading systems call for 6%-8% of marbled fat. For Firelands, they produce beef with a fat content of 20%-25%. The marbling in Kobe beef is mostly made up of monounsaturated fat which is known for lower LDL cholesterol. What this means is that you can eat this meat guilt free!

What products does Firelands Cattle Company offer? You can get 1/3 lb beef patties, T-bone steaks, rib eye steaks, rib steaks, tri-tips, porter house, sirloin, beef tenderloin, beef short ribs, and rib, english cut. I was able to try a few of these, and I can tell you that this meat is excellant! Everyone in my family couldn’t get enough of it! It is that good! We will definitely be getting this again!