Bounty DuraTowel

Bounty DuraTowelWhile you’re wiping your countertops with a used dishcloth, you could be spreading around the “ick” trapped within it. After just one day’s use, dishcloths can harbor and redeposit millions of germs on the surfaces you and your family come in contact with throughout the day. That’s why Bounty is proud to introduce DuraTowel, the paper towel that offers the things you love about dishcloths, without the millions of germs for a cleaner way to clean. Since it is designed with more fibers that hold together even when wet, it feels and cleans like a cloth allowing you to tackle your toughest projects.

Now, I know you are all wondering — how does it really work in my house. Well, I have to admit that I am impressed. We have given it a run for its money, and the DuraTowel has yet to disappoint! Will managed to spill an entire glass of an orange drink on my kitchen floor. No problem with that clean up. He then proceed to drop an entire glass of water. DuraTowel passed that test too. I used the DuraTowel to wipe down my fridge with some liquid cleaner. Not only did it clean my fridge, I had no tearing or anything. I even used the DuraTowel to wipe down my stove! At this point, DuraTowel has passed every test so far.

If you are looking for an awesome paper towel, DuraTowel is the one for you!

Tortillas to the Rescue

What’s the one item you should always have in your fridge? Tortillas!  We always have several packages of them!  Not only do tortillas have a long shelf life, they are incredibly versatile. Want proof? Check out “Tortillas to the Rescue.”

This cookbook features more than 100 recipes for delicious breakfasts, snacks, wraps, main courses (with vegetarian options), and desserts.  Learn how to make your own tortillas or use any store-bought brand and create an Avocado and Leek Omelet Wrap, Tortilla Soup, BLTA Tacos, Grilled Salmon Tostadas, a Duck Quesadilla or Ice Cream Tacos.  Some of my favorite recipes included in this cookbook are Tortilla Crusted Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Burger Poaches, and Ice Cream Taco Treats.  There are so many great recipes in here!  The majority of the ingredients you need for these recipes will easily be found in your pantry or your local grocery store.  The directions are also super easy to follow!  The cover alone makes me hungry!

Whether you stuff, wrap, bake, roll or fry it, the world is your tortilla!

Aloha Chill’R

When you have a kid with a summer birthday, you are always looking for a way to keep salads cool (or at least I am).  I think I have found the perfect thing!  It’s called an Aloha Chill’R.  The Aloha Chill’R is the perfect practical, durable, and elegant serving dish for anything you need to keep cool.  It is made with one of the highest grade of acrylic available and is scratched resistant it.  Best of all, it is dishwasher safe.

I recently got to try out the Aloha Big Chiller.  It consists of 3 compartments:  the bottom pan that holds the ice, the inner compartment, and a dome covers that keeps the flies & bugs out.

This is super easy to use.  You just add ice to the lower compartment:

Once you’ve added the ice (and if it’s hot outside, add a lot more than I did in that picture), you can use the next container and add your salad, dip, etc.

Now, here’s the cool part.  The section you have the salad in, you can keep in the fridge till you need it and add it to the bottom when you put it out for your party!  Here’s what it looks like when finished:

Now, you don’t have to worry about your mayo based salads.  I’m amazed at how much this holds.  I made a tuna salad that normally feeds everybody at our family parties.  I could make a double batch, and it would still fit!  I love how sleek it looks, and it its way better looking than sticking your bowls into bigger bowls filled with ice.  The Aloha Chill’R comes in various sizes too.

I love my Aloha Chill’R.  I can only recommend you get one for your next party!