Chef Planet Nonstick Ovenliner

There is nothing worse than when food in your oven drips down to the bottom of your oven. That meal may have smelled good the first time you cooked it, but as it bakes on the bottom of your oven, it doesn’t smell that great!

That is where Chef Planet Nonstick Ovenliner comes in. It is a time saver that allows you to never ever have to clean the bottom of your oven again. (Do I hear a woohoooo?). While you cook, it collects. It shields the bottom of your oven from splatters, spills, and just the overall mess that your find down there. The Nonstick Ovenliner is made for standard ovens, toasters, and microwaves too. The Chef Planet Nonstick Ovenliner comes in commercial grade thickness and is reusable on both sides. It fits ovens up to 30″ and may be trimmed to fit smaller ovens. It is even dishwasher safe! Best of all, it is made in the US.

It took me about 5 seconds to place this in my oven and it does exactly what they say it does! What more can you asked for? Since this is such a great product, I wanted to pass along a great contest they are doing.

Through the end of the year, you can submit a one-of-a-kind, mouthwatering recipe to Chef Planet’s Facebook page.  They are seeking recipes that drip, crumble and spill… recipes that leave your kitchen screaming for a cleaning, but your family and friends begging for more. Submissions should include an original recipe – one you created – and a photo of your delectable masterpiece. Submit main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. If you have a personal story pertaining to your recipe, we would love for you to share it.  Ten grand prize winners will be featured in the special edition Chef’s Planet® 10th anniversary cookbook. Additionally, the 10 finalists will receive a Baking Basket from Chef’s Planet®, including our Nonstick Ovenliner, Universal Nonstick Bakeliner and Ovenglove. Ten runner-ups will also be featured in the special edition 10th anniversary cookbook and receive a Gadget Basket from Chef’s Planet®,  including the Nonstick Ovenliner, 2-Cup Measuring Colander and Preptaxi® Food Scoop.
Great product, great contest!


I love little gadgets that make my life easier.  Can I tell you how much I love Fishclip?

Now, this little gadget is both useful and well, cute.  The Fishclip help you to seal your food to keep it fresh.  They are safe for the freezer.  I love that you can twist and clip things like bread or fold and pinch things like chips.  You can leave your food in its original bags (and help save the environment).  The other part that I love about the Fishclip is that they are also refrigerator magnets!!!  When you aren’t using them to keep your chips fresh, they sit on your refrigerator.

Now these Fishclips are easy enough that my kids can use them without a problem (my kids are 4 and 8).  You literally just need to put your thumb on the tail and pull the fins back to close.  You just push on the fins to open the jaws.  It is really that easy!

If you are looking for a cute item that will help you save money in your kitchen, I highly recommend that you get a set of Fishclips! They can hold everything from bread to chips to veggie bags to coffee to frozen foods to cords!  There are just so many uses for them!