Cooking Planit

I am always on the lookout for things that make my life easier. Even with a cooking blog, I don’t always know what I am making for dinner. (That happens more than I’d like to admit. LOL). That being said, I have found a great site that makes meal planning as easy as pie. (literally!)

Instead of most of the other cooking/recipe sites out there that give you single recipes (you are only getting the main course or a side dish or a vegetable), Cooking Planit does something I have never seen. First, it gives you three recipes for everything you need for a full meal. Main entree. Check. Side. Check. Veggie. Check. Since the site just launched, they haven’t been able to add all the bells and whistles. However, they will be adding desserts at some point! Next, it gives you a full grocery shopping list that you can modify. You don’t have to sit here and write everything down that you need. Most of the ingredients you need for the majority of recipes and things you are going to have in your home or can easily be found at the grocery store. That is something that is very important to me. It even tells you what kitchen equipment and appliances you are going to need! I also love that the direction for all three recipes are listed on once page! It just makes cooking dinner easy! A few more features in the works are the ability to add your own recipes to the site and calorie counts. You can also easily modify the recipe for how many people you have by a click. Life is sweet! Cooking PlanIt will also show you how to make everything, so it is all done at the same time (which I can never do on my own!):

Now, if you don’t like Kale, you can easily change what you want for your veggies. You can also save your “meal” to your cookbook, so you can make it another night too!

Cooking PlanIt is so easy to use and will make your life easier. I recommend checking it out!!  Best of all, you can use it either on the computer or your mobile device!

30 Meals in One Day Giveaway

If you are busy like me, dinner time can be such a hassle.  How would you like to spend one day cooking for an entire month?  That is where 30 Meals in One Day comes in.  Everything you need for once a month cooking is here, all in one place.  You just spend just one day in the kitchen preparing freezer meals and stock your freezer with lots of delicious freedom at family dinner time.  It makes grocery shopping and couponing quite easy!

I know, but how are the recipes.  They are great.  There is definitely something for everyone, because there are over 150 recipes to choose from.  I love how the book lets you know what foods to put in the freezer and which ones you really shouldn’t.  You will find things like Pork Chops and Potatoes, Tuna Bow Ties, Tortilla Chicken, etc.  Those are just a few of the great recipes.  Chapter 14 is a must read for all the great shortcut tips too!  The best part of this cookbook is that you can just make these recipes to serve for dinner tonight!  Like this site, it uses ingredients you will most likely find in your home too!

Now, the book is great, but the software that also comes with it is awesome.  All the recipes in the cookbook are already loaded into the software.  Here is where the magic happens.  Not only can you make menus in the software, you can make your grocery shopping list!!!!  It will list every ingredient you need for all the recipes that you’ve chosen.  How awesome is that?  I also love that I can easily include my own recipes in the software, so it also includes those in my grocery shopping list!  You can then print out the list at your convenience.  The software is super easy to use.

Since I absolutely love this book and software, I have arranged for one lucky reader of mine to get their own Dinner is Ready cookbook and software.  Here’s what you need to do:

This giveaway ends August 30, 2011 at 12:01 am.