Weight Watchers Ice Cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!” Who out there doesn’t like ice cream?? I imagine very few actually don’t like ice cream (unless it’s a health reason), yet I guarantee nobody likes the extra fat and calories associated with the delicious desserts. Well, thankfully Weight Watchers has come out with a number of amazing ice cream options with very little fat and calories. I know you hear Weight Watchers and you think healthy, maybe not the most amazing tasting, and you may think “diet”….but let me tell you I am not a strict health nut or dieter by any means and I love these ice cream bars. I have tried 6 different flavors and love them all.

The first ice cream bar I tried was their Giant Latte bar-it has 90 calories, 1g of fat, 3g of protein! Does anyone like a latte in the morning?? This bar is like a delicious latte frozen into a giant bar of heaven! And it’s only 2pts for those of you on Weight Watchers.

The next 2 bars I tried were the Greek Frozen Yogurt bars in Peach Swirl and Blueberry Swirl. Greek yogurt has exploded in the past couple of years as a popular snack, so why not offer people a frozen version of the snack they love? The new Blueberry Swirl and Peach Swirl Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars are made with low fat Greek frozen yogurt and real Blueberry and Peach fruit swirls. They are both 80 calories, 0.5g of fat, and 5g of protein!! They have calcium and live and active cultures associated with yogurt. They are light and fruity and definitely a yogurt lovers’ dream (in ice cream form)!!

The next was a snack sized Red Velvet ice cream sandwich. YUM! It is small (hence snack size) but only has 100 calories and 1.5g of fat. Staying right on trend with the current red velvet craze, the Snack Size Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich is made with low fat cream cheese frosting flavored ice cream with a red velvet chocolate swirl between red velvet chocolate wafers. The ice cream flavor is very light and the red velvet takes over the flavor-but delicious overall!

The last 2 ice cream bars were the Chocolate Smoothie and the Cookies and Cream bar. The Chocolate Smoothie has 60 calories and 1.5g of fat but tastes like a full flavored chocolate fudge bar-absolutely satisfying! For traditional frozen yogurt fans, the new Chocolate Smoothie Frozen Yogurt Bars are made with low fat frozen yogurt and real chocolate to satisfy cravings. The Cookies and Cream was a fan favorite of my children for obvious reasons….what child doesn’t like cookies and cream ice cream?? It has 120 calories and 5g of fat, however this treat offers three levels of cookies & cream goodness in one bar. It’s made with low fat cookies & cream ice cream with a chocolate cookie fudge swirl dipped in a rich chocolaty cookie crunch coating. Ok, just typing that made my mouth water…that bar is a chocolate lovers’ dream if I do say so myself!!

All of these bars were a delight to eat (my kids couldn’t stop asking for them!) and were 2 pts on the Weight Watchers point system except the Cookies and Cream bars and the Red Velvet bars which were 3 pts. I highly recommend these delicious desserts as a healthy alternative to the high fat, high caloric ice cream bars we often see in stores!!

Wild Sugar

Wild Sugar Desserts” is a celebration of the delights and joys of desserts and sweets. Beautifully photographed throughout, the stunning and original recipes are organised into sections such as Children’s Parties, Dinner Parties, Traditional Recipes with a Twist, Desserts for Love, Health Nut Desserts and Bling.

This cookbook is nothing like anything you have seen. You could almost leave it out as a picture book due to the breathtaking photos you will find within. Some of the recipes you must try is the Chocoholics Anonymous Ice Cream Sandwich and Marshmallow Raspberry and Strawberry Skewers.

If you like making desserts, this is a must have cookbook.