The 250 Best Brownies, Bars and Squares


Okay, an entire cookbook with brownies, bars, and squares — I am in heaven!!! I have many bake sales right around the corner at school, and this book is awesome for that! The 250 Best Brownies, Bars and Squares is a cookbook we all need. For many of the recipes in this book, you mix the dough in a bowl, put into the pan, and bake! My kind of baking!!! There is even a chapter for those of us who can manage messing up baking — it’s devoted to no-bake bars and squares. These also work great for the times you forget you were suppose to bring something to school or a party!

The 250 Best Brownies, Bars and Squares is a must get cookbook for all kitchens!!!

GelPro Mat

I recently was able to try out the GelPro mat, and it is awesome.  I currently have plantar fasciitis in my right heel, and this mat is like heaven for me (I have new sneakers and those Dr. Scholls gel inserts for my shoes too).  This is the world’s original gel-filled anti-fatigue floor mat that reduces discomfort caused from standing on hard flooring.  The mats are available in hundreds of different fabric, color, and size combinations to match any décor.  Now, I did pick a boring one out (I wanted it to match in case I change up my kitchen).  I can’t say enough how nice it is to stand on.

Most of the time, our GelPro mat is over by the sink.  When in the kitchen, that is where I spend the most time.  However, when I’m making cookies and going to spending a lot of time in the kitchen doing something, I move the mat there.  The top is stain resistant and the bottom is non slip and made with anti-microbial additives.

I have to laugh, because not only do we love our GelPro mat (I’m considering buying more.  40% of their customers do and I can understand why!), so does our puppy.  As you can see from the picture above, Daisy (our 6  month old puppy), loves to sit on this mat.  When we are eating, she needs to go to “her place” and “her place” is always on this mat!  If you finding her sitting in the kitchen, it’s usually on the mat too!  She knows comfort!

In my opinion, GelPro mats are worth their weight in gold.  I know a certain someone (she doesn’t read blogs, so I’m safe by mentioning it) who will be getting one for Christmas!  That’s how much I like it — I’m buying them as gifts!