Tip Of The Day: Grocery Bags

  • Preserve paint brushes by placing them in bags and tie them to keep air out.  The tools will stay moist for a day or so.
  • Pouf up curtain valances by stuffing them with bags.  Can also be used to stuff crafts or pillows.
  • Rub chapped hands with a thick layer of petroleum jelly and put them in plastic bags for 15 minutes to half an hour.
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Full Circle: Part 1

Did you know that everything in our houses have a life cycle.  You use them and then throw them away.  If one scrub brush per household gets thrown out every year, you are looking at 120 million brushes!  Most of what you find on market is made out of plastic, so it’ll be at least 1000 years before they start to break down.  This is where Full Circle steps in.

Full Circle sources raw materials close to where all of the processes and packaging is done to minimize transportation. They choose materials such as bamboo and cellulose that are naturally occurring.  Since they are naturally occurring, they are fully biodegradable.  They ensure scraps and waste materials are recycled.  They use recycled and FSC certified paper for their marketing materials and packaging.  They also audit their factories according to the following: fair labor practices, health & safety, compensation & work hours, environmental conditions including air and water, as well as waste disposal.

I have several of their products I’d like to introduce you to:

First, there is the dish brush.  The all natural bristles absorb and hold soap.  They also work awesome on those really hard to get off dirty spots on your pots and pans.  I love the arch shape of the bamboo handle.  It keeps the bristles off your countertops!  I also love that you don’t have to replace the whole brush — just the bristles!

I will admit though, I am more of a sponge lady and the Full Circle dish sponge is awesome. Again, the arch shape keeps the sponge off your countertops. Like the brush, you don’t have to replace the whole thing — just the sponge itself!

Now if you are liking these, wait till I tell you about their next set!
This dish brush to my left has the bamboo handle. However, it has a push button for easy soap dispensing! This brush literally takes all the hard work out of washing dishes! (For those who are wondering, you fill the soap through the bottom cap). The design allows this brush to stand on end which is great if you have little counter space (like I do), and I find it more sanitary myself. Again, you just need to replace the brush head when needed.

If you are a fan of the soap dispenser, they also have a sponge that works the same as the brush. The cellulose sponge reduces waste and completely biodegrades. The soap is filled through the bottom cap and again works by push button. This also stands up on end.

I’m going to end Part 1 with our most favorite brush.  This is the scrub brush.  It stands on end so it dried faster.  With its flared bristles, it easy reaches into tight corners.  My husband and I love this brush.  It’s awesome on the kitchen sink.  Bill’s also used it to get into the crevices on our whirlpool tub!  It’s the best cleaning tool ever!

As you can see, we really like the Full Circle products.  There’s a few more I’d like to tell you about, but we’ll save that for tomorrow!