Yoplait Greek 100

With summer coming to a close, we all want to savor the last smells, tastes and memories of our favorite season. An easy way to do this is to try the newest rich and creamy addition to the Yoplait family, Yoplait Greek! The new Greek yogurt, with real fruit and all-natural colors, sweeteners and flavors, will keep you in paradise with some of summer’s favorite flavors- Coconut, Pineapple and Tangerine. In addition to the variety of delicious flavors, each serving of Yoplait Greek contains 150 calories or less per serving, making it a simple and satisfying snack pre- or post- beach.


If you are interested in a lower-calorie option, Yoplait also offers Yoplait Greek 100 which is the only Greek yogurt endorsed by Weight Watchers® with a PointsPlus® value of 2 per serving. Not only is it a delicious snack on its own, but it can be used to make a variety of desserts, drinks and entrees to help you stay cool through Labor Day, including Greek 100 FroYo, Greek 100 Key Lime Gin and Tonic, Greek 100 FroYo Sandwiches, Greek 100 Root Beer Floats and Orange Ice Cream Floats.

I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t like yogurt. By itself, yogurt can be a healthy snack, the start to a good morning as breakfast, or as the beginning of an awesome low fat smoothie. There are different, I mean tons of different, varieties out there and now to add to it all there is an even healthier option: Greek yogurt! Who knew yogurt could be healthier, right??   Yoplait is my favorite brand of yogurt and they have added Greek yogurt to their amazing selection of yogurt. It comes in a lot of different flavors and fruits to satisfy every taste bud.   One of my favorite parts of this delicious yogurt is that it is low in calories! These cute little cups have only 100 calories per serving! Greek yogurt, for those of you who have yet to try this type of yogurt, is a thicker consistency but really fills you up! My favorite is the Yoplait Greek 100 in strawberry. I have it as a snack after a workout, or as my breakfast with some granola on top, but I have also used it in baking! Not only is this yogurt delicious and nutritious, it is also
versatile! With only 100 calories, 0g of fat, and 10g of protein per serving, who wouldn’t love Yoplait Greek yogurt?!?

Yoplait Greek 100 Giveaway!

Yogurt eaters no longer have to choose between a cup of delicious, thick and creamy Greek yogurt and a diet snack. Yoplait now has Yoplait Greek 100 – a 100-calorie strained Greek yogurt that delivers 100 percent of the rich, creamy taste of Greek yogurt in six delightful flavors. Those watching their waistline can be even more to be excited to try this new product as Yoplait Greek 100 is the only Greek yogurt endorsed by Weight Watchers with a PointsPlus value of 2 per serving.

The new Yoplait Greek 100 is available in six delicious flavors including Strawberry, Black Cherry, Mixed Berry, Vanilla, Peach and Key Lime. With zero percent fat and two times the protein of regular yogurt per 5.3 oz. cup, new Yoplait Greek 100 provides a fulfilling snack and is a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

My personal favorite flavor? Strawberry all the way. As somebody who is trying to lose weight, I am glad to see that Yoplait is offering a greek yogurt I get to eat that tastes great.  Since I am such a fan, I have arranged for one of my lucky readers to win a case of Yoplait Greek 100.  Here’s what you need to do:

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The Secret of Grandma’s Pickle Finally Revealed

Grandma! The very word fetches memories. From saving us the much dreaded homework to giving us those few extra bucks that always we fell short of. From being our best friend to being our spokesperson when chances seemed really slim. Without them, childhood would be but a phase without reflections. It’s them who taught us to dream, it’s them who let us indulge in a few extra helpings of tart and it’s them, who still today would most effortlessly prepare an array of pickles at our command, only to watch us get happily spoilt.

Reflecting back upon the good old days of childhood, there must be at least one pickle that you can completely relate to. Is there not? Dill, bitter gourd, hog plum, key lime, mango; there has to be a pickle for everyone; a pickle with a memory, with sunny days and lazy afternoons that ignited in us the indomitable spirit of   stealing them from the jars. Truth is if you’ve ever had the opportunity to taste your grandma’s homemade pickles, you’ll know how no other pickle tastes the same; not even the ones you make yourself, from her cookbook. Clearly, there has to be something that makes them different! A secret that makes it undeniably the best pickles in the world.

Here’s to you, in pursuit of pickling, 4 plausible facts that we think are responsible for making “grandma’s pickles” the way they are: absolutely incredible.  And before letting the secret out, a wee bit of introduction to pickles that’ll help you connect better.

Pickle: A delicacy.

Pickling or corning as it is called, is a method of preserving food by subjecting it to unaerobic fermentation in brine. And although the concept of pickling differs from country to country; the main medium for pickling in India would be oil while of that in the United States would be vinegar or brine, the basic chemistry and process of pickling remains unaltered.

The 4 secrets of grandma’s pickles: decoded

Freshness: The most important and vital aspect in our Grandma’s pickle was probably the attribute of freshness. Considering most of our grand mothers were content housewives, which accounts for the fact that they never had to use anything frozen; the ingredients they used were fresh, unpacked and straight off the market, or in some cases, farmers. This condition is absolutely vital and ideal for pickles. Only fruits and vegetables that are fresh and blemish free can give pickles its distinct taste. So, next time you want to make pickles, take that extra effort to choose your fruits and vegetables from the nearest supermarket, fresh off the block.

Spices: Continuing the above thought yet again, packed spices in the good old days were not in vogue. Spices were only considered to be fresh if they were hand-grinded and roasted. No doubt the pickles tasted so good, fresh spices being not a choice but a requirement for its making.

Time and monitoring: In this jet age where a lavish breakfast is but a luxury or at least a Sunday treat, it is needless mentioning that most of us buy pickles from the super market. This is one major factor that restricts us from making great pickles as the time to monitor the process is for most of us something we cannot deliver. Pickles need monitoring and a careful watch for it to come out just the way you’d want.

4th and probably the most concrete secret

The most important of all secrets that govern the taste of grandma’s pickle is probably the love with which she prepares it. Perhaps there is no secret in grandma’s pickle; it is solely her being that makes it so special, the reason why no other pickle in the world can take its place.

Cooking or in this case pickling is an art. When you do it with passion, with love, it clearly reflects on the food. And while everything else can be bought with money, a food that’s made with love is priceless. Just like our Grandma’s pickle!


This article has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra from Offshore Ally. She is a part of the company’s talented team of virtual assistants and link builders. She is passionate about food and cooking is a stress buster for her. Connect with her via Twitter.