HelloFresh is a new way to shop and cook. You get to choose the recipes you want to try each week, and HelloFresh sends you the recipe and all of the ingredients you need to prepare them.




These aren’t your run of the mill recipes either. Their recipes are created by world-class chefs. They are also easy to prepare within 30 minutes. You don’t need fancy kitchen equipment, and the recipe cards really tell you how make everything (with color pictures too!).


When we tried HelloFresh, we tried the Turkey Taco Salad:




Seared Steak:


Fish Tacos:


The serving sizes for these meals are huge! We had leftovers for everyone of these meals! They were totally easy to make too! Best of all, they were delicious! I would highly, highly, highly recommend HelloFresh. I can’t get food this good at my local grocery store and I would definitely use them again!

Super Duper Cupcakes

superdupercupcakesCupcakes are the hottest dessert today—and these treats from cupcake entrepreneur Elaine Cohen are super-duper delicious and gorgeous, too! They come in yummy chocolate or luscious vanilla, topped with candy, or dyed and decorated with dazzling designs. Best of all, thanks to big, beautiful photos and how-to illustrations, every cupcake-loving kid can make them, either from scratch or starting with store-bought pastries and mixes. So why buy…when it’s easy to bake and decorate your own?

This book makes me feel like I can actually do this!  The directions are written well and super easy to follow.  I love that they literally are step by step.  They aren’t including any weird ingredients that you won’t be able at your local grocery store.  There are ton of pictures too, so you can easily replicate these cupcake ideas.

If you want to decorate your own cupcakes but are scared, you need to get your hands on Super Duper Cupcakes!  It is a must have cookbook if you want to do your own decorating!

Coupon codes, discounts and deals

Do you use coupon codes? I am currently putting together my grocery shopping this for this week, and I am going through my coupons. At my local grocery store, I have managed to save anywhere from 30% – 50% depending on the trip and what coupons I have that week.

That being said, I also strive to achieve those type of savings online. MyDeals.com can help you to achieve those savings too.  They have every category you could ever want deals on including food!  They have everything from Applebee’s (if you want to go out to each) to Sodastream.  They have a little bit of everything in there!  They also have their top 10 discount codes which is always worth a look at!

If you like saving money (and seriously, who doesn’t?), checking out MyDeals.com is worth it to save yourself a few extra bucks when you are shopping online!  (Hint of advice though:  Write down your discount code when you see it.  The box on the top of your screen when you click over to the site will disappear!)