5 Sparrows Sugar Free House Chocolate, Sugar Free White Chocolate and Sugar Free Chai

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5 Sparrows offers handcrafted beverages made with superior ingredients and sweetened with Stevia. We got to try a few different varieties:

5 Sparrows Sugar Free House Chocolate: My whole family loves hot chocolate during those cold winter months, so I was looking forward to making this one first. Simply add the entire packet to 16 oz of hot milk or milk alternative and you get a creamy, delicious cup of hot chocolate. I honestly can’t believe it is sugar-free and gluten free… it’s absolutely amazing!

5 Sparrows Sugar Free White Chocolate: Very similar to the chocolate mix, so it was very delicious and creamy!

5 Sparrows Monumental Spiced Sugar Free Chai: I really liked this one! It tastes just like rice pudding. Very smooth and creamy. It was a little on the sweet side so I would suggest using less then the suggested amount of the powder or use more milk or milk alternative to it. Otherwise, very delicious!

My family really loved the 5 Sparrows Sugar Free drink mixes. They are excellent in taste quality and have no unwanted aftertastes!

See’s $25 Giveaway!

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I love See’s Candies. I’ve never had candy from them that I didn’t like. Everything is always so great which got me thinking — you now what makes a great holiday gift? See’s Candies! I’m serious!

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On top of the boxed candies you can get them, they have themed ones too! This is the Holiday Fancy Gift Box-Holly. In this particular box of candies is a unique assortment of fruit truffles, along with their finest milk, dark and white chocolates, including Cashew Brittle, Caramel, Divinity Puff and Almond Square. My favorite is the dark chocolate and caramel. I’m partial to those flavors though!

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The Christmas Gold Wreath Box is another great holiday choice! This elegant assortment includes some of their most-adored milk, dark and white chocolates, including brittles, truffles, nuts, chews and two special Milk Chocolate Butters topped with pretty candy poinsettias. For me, I loved the Milk Chocolate Butters.

See’s Candies make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list (and makes a great gift for yourself too!). Since I know you all have one of those hard to shop for people, I have arranged for one lucky reader to win a $25 See’s Candies gift card. Here’s what you need to do:

The Hunger Game: Catching Fire


This exclusive line of chocolate bars was created to represent each of the 12 districts of Panem. Wild Ophelia has worked with American farmers and food artisans to ensure that ingredients are all natural and of the finest quality.

Let me talk about the chocolate now!

District 4 – Fishing
sea salt + coconut + 70% cacao dark chocolate
The delicate sea salt compliments the deep, dark chocolate. This bar is gluten free. However, I did expect it to taste a tad more coconuty than it did. However, the dark chocolate was awesome. If you love dark chocolate, you will love this bar.

District 5 – Power
crispy crunchy carmel corn + 70% cacao dark chocolate
Before biting into this deep, dark chocolate bar look at the back of the bar and break it in half to observe the pieces of carmel popcorn throughout. As you take a bite and feel the crunch, notice the buttery aroma of burnt sugar tickling your taste buds. This too is gluten free. There is just a hint of carmel corn and you definitely can taste the crunchiness. However, this is a must get for dark chocolate lovers.

District 10 – Livestock
beef jerky + smoked mesquite + 41% cacao milk chocolate
Break off a bite of the chocolate bar, lift it to your nose and inhale deeply. You will first notice the smokey aroma. Take a bite and enjoy the salt juxtaposed to the sweet, milk chocolate and discover the chewy and smoky beef jerky sprinked throughout. There is definitely a woody aftertaste to this chocolate bar. Overall, it is a great bar.

District 12 – Mined Salt and Chocolate
Mined salt + 41% cacao milk chocolate
Savor the sweet, milk chocolate with a touch of mined pink Himalayan salt. This is a salt lovers delight! This bar is also gluten free.

So much great chocolate to choose from with these new The Hunger Game: Catching Fire bars! Which one would you like to try?