Tortillas to the Rescue

What’s the one item you should always have in your fridge? Tortillas!  We always have several packages of them!  Not only do tortillas have a long shelf life, they are incredibly versatile. Want proof? Check out “Tortillas to the Rescue.”

This cookbook features more than 100 recipes for delicious breakfasts, snacks, wraps, main courses (with vegetarian options), and desserts.  Learn how to make your own tortillas or use any store-bought brand and create an Avocado and Leek Omelet Wrap, Tortilla Soup, BLTA Tacos, Grilled Salmon Tostadas, a Duck Quesadilla or Ice Cream Tacos.  Some of my favorite recipes included in this cookbook are Tortilla Crusted Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Burger Poaches, and Ice Cream Taco Treats.  There are so many great recipes in here!  The majority of the ingredients you need for these recipes will easily be found in your pantry or your local grocery store.  The directions are also super easy to follow!  The cover alone makes me hungry!

Whether you stuff, wrap, bake, roll or fry it, the world is your tortilla!

George Foreman Evolve Grill

I didn’t want to like this grill. I have the jumbo sized George Foreman grill that was working for my family quite well. However, I think I’m in love. 🙂 Seriously, the new George Foreman Evolve Grill ranks up there with sliced bread.  Why?  Well, first you can get all of these plates for it:

  • Cross-hatch grill plates (2) – Perfect for grilling chicken breasts, fresh fish and more.
  • Mini-Burger plate – Serve up low-fat turkey sliders in minutes.
  • Griddle plate – Cook up breakfast, lunch or dinner without adding extra oil or butter for healthier meals.
  • Cupcake/muffin plate – Whipping up six muffins or cupcakes is a snap with this easy-to-use plate.
  • Panini plates (2) – No need to butter bread when making panini in the George Foreman Evolve™ Grill.
  • Deep-dish baking plate – From lasagna to veggie-packed casseroles, the deep-dish bake pan provides another versatile usage for the George Foreman Evolve™ Grill.
  • Omelet plates (2) – Flipping omelets used to require lots of butter or oil to prevent sticking, however, with the George Tough™ nonstick coating, making omelets is simpler and healthier than ever.
  • Waffle plate –The waffle plates makes preparing golden, delicious waffles on the grill easy and convenient.
  • The plates I got to try out were the deep dish, standard, and cross hatch.  We’ve made steaks in there and they were yummy.  However, we used the deep dish plate and made brownies.  Yes, you heard me correctly:  I made brownies in a George Foreman Grill!  That is a statement that I am finding that I have to repeat over and over, because no one believes me!  Best of all, they aren’t any different than the ones I would have thrown in my oven!  Some of the features on this new grill include:

    • George Tough™ nonstick coating for oil-free cooking
    • Patented slope for fat to drip away
    • Drip tray that is dishwasher safe for collecting grease drippings
    • 84 square-inch cooking surface
    • Precise Digital Time and Temperature Control
    • Removable dishwasher-safe plates

    These removable plates are awesome too.  You can either wash them by hand or throw them in the dishwasher!  We tried both, and they were pretty simple to clean.

    I really like this grill.  All the pitfalls of the older versions have been corrected with this one.  I love the digital timer and temperature control.  The removable plates were also a pretty sweet deal!  I’d highly recommend the George Foreman Evolve Grill.

    This post was written for Family Review Network & George Foreman HealthyCooking who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review