Eat Raw, Eat Well: 400 Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes

Raw food is all the rage right now, so I wanted to check this out. The benefits of weight loss and increased energy as well as a reduced risk of certain diseases are some of the reasons that people want to eat raw foods. Others have an aversion to animal-based foods or simply wish to consume more whole, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Eat Raw, Eat Well: 400 Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes will appeal to both newcomers to and veterans of the raw-food lifestyle. The recipes have easy-to-follow instructions. There is also a guide to properly prepare the ingredients in advance of meal preparation to enhance their nutritional value as well as a comprehensive list of “raw pantry” essentials.  The book goes over why you should eat a Raw Diet.  I also know a ton of people who need to eat gluten free diets and this book will definitely help!

There are a lot of recipes in here that you wouldn’t think that you could have like Alfredo sauce, pizza, and nachos.  There is even a strawberry daiquiri recipe.

If you’ve decided that the raw-food lifestyle is for you — either full-time or part-time — look no further than Eat Raw, Eat Well!

Dadgum That’s Good

As you all know, I’m always on the lookout of a great cookbook. However, I don’t normally get to meet the author of the cookbooks that I use. However, I did get to meet John McLemore before I even tried out his awesome cookbook (and I got a signed copy). He’s one the nicest and funniest guys you’ll ever meet.

Dadgum Thats Good is one of those cookbooks that not only has great recipes, but it also tells a story.  Before you dig into the food, you get to hear about how this cookbook came about, explains what cuts of meat you want to be getting, temperature your food should be, pantry essentials.  Bill loves that there is several pages dedicated to BBQ sauce.  There is a sauce for everyone in there.  These recipes are for all sorts of cooking:  smoking, grilling, drying, boiling, and steaming!  I’m not kidding when there is something in here for everyone.  You’ve got everything from Smoked Meatloaf to Lemonade Chicken.

If you want a cookbook that isn’t run of the mill, Dadgum Thats Good is the book for you!  My husband and I love it, the food is awesome, and the author is even more awesome.  What more could you ask for?

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