Foodie Events

Now, all these events are going to be in Chicago since that’s where I live.  However, if you have anything you’d like me to add in your local area, just let me know!

Veggie Fest 2008 – Its a 2 day festival featuring cooking demonstrations, 40 vegetarian food venders and exhibitors, and discusssions on heathful living.  11 am – 6 pm Saturday at the Science of Spirituality Center, 4S175 Naperville Rd., Napterville.  For more information, call 800-222-2207

Windy City Chili Cookoff – Cooks compete for the best chili in salsa, chili verde, and traditional categories as part of the Retro on Roscoe Street Festival.  The $5 entry fee includes samples of the chili with they last.  The fee also benefits St. Teresa of Avila food pantry.  1 pm Saturday and Sunday at Roscoe St and Hoyne Ave.  For more information, call 773-871-5623

Morel Tales – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is presenting  “Exploring the Wild Mushroom . . . Myths, Flavors, and Facts” at Kendall College in a Chicago Foodways Roundtable discussion.  $3 unless you are a Kendall College student (then free).  10 am Saturday at Kendal College, 900 N North Branch St.  Reservations can be made by calling 847-432-8255 or emailing

Party With Style –  Justin Hall from FIG Catering shows how to host an elegant and delicious dinner party.  Free. 2 pm Saturday at Bloomingdale’s Home & Furniture Store, 600 N Wabash Ave.  For more information, call 312-324-7678

Fish Tips – Sam Dean grills halibut basted with maple chipotle marinade in a demonstration class for free.  Noon Saturday at Burhops Seafood, Plaza Del Lago, 1515 N Sheridan Road, Wilmette.  For more information, please call 847-256-6400

Brunch Demystified – Keven Hickey and Jonathan Lane of the Four Seasons present classes that explore the hotel’s famous Sunday brunch.  $100 includes brunch.  11 am August 10 and August 24.  120 W Delaware Pl.  For reservations, please call 312-649-2325

Sweet and Savory Grilling – Chefs Pamela Fitzpatrick and Mark Gyure show how to make three seasonal pizzas and desserts on the grill.  August 12 at Fox & Obel, 401 E Illinois St.  For reservations, call 312-379-0133

Swedish specialty – Chef Donna Scheppe teaches how to create a Swedish tea ring in a hands on class for $25.  1 pm August 4 at Two Kitchens, 2035 W Washington St, Suite 155, Naperville.  Register by calling 630-717-9630.

Four Food on Friday #37

Okay, I have forgotten to do this for several weeks now, but I am going to try to get back into the groove of doing these again.  If you want to join, check out Fun, Crafts, and Recipes.

#1. Cake. Buttercream, whipped cream or ice cream? I like all cake.  Since I am lactose intolerant, I prefer not to eat ice cream cake even though I do like it.
#2. When entertaining do you use real, paper, plastic or styrofoam dishes? If we are having a big party, plastic and styrofoam.  If its just immediate family, real because I have a dish washer.
#3. When hosting a party do you cook, have it catered or go to a restaurant? Cook.
#4. Share a recipe that you frequently serve when having a party.
Potato Salad – 10 lbs
10 lbs. potatoes
3 – 4 hard-boiled eggs
1 bottle of mayo
½ lid white vinegar
½ cup milk

Boil water with potatoes for approx. 30 minutes – 1 hr. Drain and put in fridge overnight.
Boil cold water and 3 – 4 eggs for 7 – 10 minutes. Drain and put in fridge overnight.

The next day, peel and slice potatoes. Mix mayo and mustard till yellow and add vinegar. Add in milk, salt, and pepper. Taste, if bitter add sugar.

In separate bowl, put a layer of potatoes, seasoning, hard-boiled eggs, diced onions, and mayo mixture and stir. Repeat until you have all the ingredients in there and mixed. Put in refrigerator and let sit overnight before serving.