FunBites is the first state of the art kitchen tool that instantly cuts food into fun-shaped bites. It’s made of high- performance material designed for strength, sharpness and durability to create bite-sized meals in less than 10 seconds. This goes beyond bread and sandwich cutters! It’s great for pancakes, burgers, fish ,deli, quesadilla, grilled cheese, pizza and more.

There are 3 easy steps to use these. First, place it on your food. Next, rock it firmly back & forth. Lastly, pop out bite-sized pieces! Yes, it is really that easy. Best of all, FunBites is BPA free, works on any surface, and is top shelf dishwasher safe.

Madison loves the heart cutter while Will likes the square cutter. I love that this is so easy to use that Madison (my seven year old) is able to use this without any help from me. She loved that she could make her snacks and sandwiches into hearts. I loved that it made it fun for her to eat.

If you have a picky eater or one who just wants to have “fun” food, I definitely recommend FunBites. My kids love them, so I have arranged for one lucky reader to win one of their own! Here’s what you need to do:…continue reading

Chef Boyardee #Giveaway!

You know that I am all about quick and easy.  I love recipes that have the ingredients I have around the house, and I’m not going to have to buy something I am only ever going to use once.  That is why I was excited to find out that you can take some of your Chef Boyardee products you have in your house and make full dinners for everyone out of them!  How cool is that?  Here are a few to try:

·  For a new take on Mexican Night, try Chef Boyardee Taco-roni! Let the kids get involved by breaking the tortilla chips for the dish or adding the ingredients to the saucepan.

·   Try something really different and delicious with Chef Boyardee Ravioli Lasagna. And if you’re trying to please a picky eater, you can substitute the spinach with another vegetable the family enjoys.

·  Take an American classic to a new level of deliciousness and originality with Chef Boyardee Cheeseburger-roni! For an extra twist, serve the beefaroni mixture on hamburger buns, topped with a slice of American cheese, for “cheeseburger joes.”

Since I think this is awesome, I have arranged for 3 of my readers to get their own Chef Boyardee Prize Pack(including some Chef Boyardee product, a cool Chef Boyardee lunchbag and a few other goodies)! Here’s what you need to do:

Handstand Kids: Italian Cookbook

The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company creates international cookbook kits that introduce children to the culture, language, and cuisine of a new country. Each cookbook kit is uniquely packaged with a cooking accessory: the Italian Cookbook is packaged in a pizza box with a chef’s hat, the Mexican Cookbook comes in a tortilla bag with a child-sized oven mitt, and the Chinese Cookbook is packaged in a take-out box with a set of chopsticks. The five Handstand Kids are featured throughout the series: kid chefs can follow along as Felix, Izzy, Ari, Gabby and Marvin learn about the recipes, culture and language of a new country. Kids can easily relate to the characters, because Felix is a vegetarian, Izzy is a picky eater and loves to cook for his diabetic sister, Ari uses her cooking skills to volunteer at kid’s charities, Gabby is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, and Marvin is an aspiring chef.

We were able to try out the Italian Cookbook, and my kids loved the recipes in there.  The recipes are simple enough for the kids to help you.  Plus, I loved how they were learning and not even realizing it.  I do have to recommend the Mangia La Lasagna.  It’s very good and was easy enough for Madison to make!

If you are looking for a great kids cookbook, I recommend looking at the line of Handstand Kids books!